See 12 Years Boy Who Became The Youngest United States International Chess Master

Samuel Sevian

If you are familiar with the game of chess, then you know that the game of chess is not one of brawn or strength or agility, but one of calculation, critical thinking, and generally brains. And even though some people at an old age still find it extremely hard to understand the game, let’ s talk more about playing and actually winning.

Samuel, at 12 years old, was already a prodigy, with claims that he began at an earlier stage playing and mastering it. Let’ s first look at what the game of chess is.

What Is Chess?

The game of chess is one of the most popular games in the world. It is widely recognized and enjoyed by several people in different parts of the world. It consists of just two players, in which these two players are known to compete against each other until a winner is energy.

Chess is simply a board game that is said to have evolved from similar, much older Indian and Persian games. While the modern form of the game emerged in Southern Europe during the second half of the 15th century, chess remains one of the most popular games in the world today, with millions of people playing it and even going to tournaments for this game.

Who Is A Chess Prodigy?

In a lane man understands, a chess prodigy is a young child who is an expert at chess at a remarkably young age, especially seeing him do what his mate and some of his elders cannot do.

An average child of 12 should still be seen playing video games or binge watching cartoon or even riding bikes as that is what is expected of them, it is really impressive seeing a child doing quite the opposite of what he is expected to do.

The phrase ” chess prodigy” refers to a young child who excels at the game of chess perfectly, in fact, well beyond what one could expect for someone of their age. They frequently defeat seasoned adult chess players and have even been named chess masters due to their exceptional and extremely rare talent.

Who Is Samuel Sevian?

Born on the 26th of December 2000 in New York, U. S. A. into the family of Armen and Armine Sevian, At age 12, Samuel Sevian became one of the most popular chess prodigies in New York, USA.

He was already crowned a chess master following how he played it and seeing how many US records he had already broken and reached the titles of National and International Master.

Samuel was not just any child, as you could easily see, as most kids his age were either obsessed with riding bikes or playing video games or even hanging out with friends, but Samuel was a young boy with a mature smart mind.

One Of His Proudest Tournaments

When talking to the public, One of Samuel sevian’ s proudest and most famous tournaments was that which he played at St. Louise, making his parents and himself proud by securing and winning all four of his games, thus enabling him to get to the point of a Grand Master, which was well deserved. During his interview, the now 20- year old Champ spoke, saying

” I feel really good and somewhat relieved. ” He went on to say that ” during the event, he had beaten three grandmasters in only 20- 25 moves. “

One would think that Samuel had just begun showing signs of becoming a chess prodigy, but the truth is that the young man had, as a matter of fact, begun showing signs of being so good at chess at an early age of nine, when he was known to have played in the United States and apparently won with 14 points.

And by 12 years, he had already become a grand master at playing chess internationally.

His father is very vocal about his son’ s chess prodigy skills.

In one of Samuel’ s interviews, his dad told the world how proud he was of his son being the 6th chess prodigy in the world. As he showed his support for his son, both father and son spoke about how Samuel had more aspiring plans to further his skills and play to become an expert in the game of chess while earning more points.

When asked how he felt when he was finally awarded the title of Grand Chess Master, the teen agreed to keep quiet about it, seeing that the chess he began at a young age in 2006 had now become this big deal for him.

Being the 6th Grand Master of Chess Prodigy in the World is not preventing him at all as he is aiming to go higher and bigger to rank higher than he is now.

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