See Countries That Have Faced The Worst Locust Attack


Among the worst insects created by God is the locust that first attacked Egypt while fighting for freedom. Today, there are places where locusts have invaded and destroyed economies at large. The locust could be tiny, but dangerous and poisonous as well. Places like Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryan, and Madhya Pradesh in India were attacked 26 years ago by locusts and swan attacks.

In general, the 2019 to 2021 locust infestation is a pest outbreak of desert locusts which is threatening the food supply across the region of East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Indian subcontinent. However, it spread rapidly 70 years ago in Kenya. Meanwhile, locust swans attacked, destroying crops and food supplies in the country.

Causes Of Locust Swarm Attack

While the clouds merge with the season, the insect gains the ability to spread around a cool, fresh weather during a period of heavy rainfall. This locust feeds on new growth foliage and lays eggs in the newly moist soil, which prevents them from drying out. There are stages of growth in locust swans using a process called grangerization that explains the stages of growth of a locust.

Furthermore, they are known to generate a smell through sensory stimulation from contact with other locusts and, as such, lead to a change in behavior and morphology, as well as a change in color resulting from black and yellow coloring among their young ones. They fed on new vegetables and were able to travel far. Could this have been the reason for the rapid spread of the locust in Egypt at first? No farm survives a locust attack. However, when swarms affect several countries at once in very large numbers, it is known as a plague.

Affected Countries

While locusts travelled around the world, there were places that were highly affected by the attack. Besides, 23 countries are reported to have been affected by the locust summer as of April 2020. Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda are among the affected countries. It extended danger to Pakistan and damaged farms in Yemen. During these attacks, food supplies were diminishing and plants died, as swarms continued to threaten countries around the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden as well as their immediate neighbors, returning to the east of the Arabian Peninsula, or to those west of Sudan.

The Effect On Agriculture

Unlike Indians, locusts are swarms that travel 150k in a day depending on the wind speed. However, locust attacks devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage that can cause starvation and famine. They start from the leaves, flowers, fruit, as well as the crop seeds, and can destroy crops through their weight on a crop as they gather in mass. In every crop attacked by a swarm, an average amount of food is eaten.

These are the reasons why you should care, because once a farmer’ s crops are affected, individual assurance of adequate food supply is affected as well. The swarm will wipe out tons of food grains and vegetables meant for human consumption.

Control Measure Of Locus Attack

Most countries have their own control measures for locust attack, yet there is one major control measure set to combat the situation. The use of biopesticides basically helps in destroying locusts around the farm. It could be called the best farmer’ s choice. The country has to be strict on every measure that stimulates the individual, if not for her safety, then for her future through providing farmers with a helping hand to a well developed agriculture, especially for the local communities.

Locust’ s Food For The Nation

Whatever that disadvantage has an advantage. Locusts are said to be a full source of protein that provides us with meat and food for our live stock, like fish, pigs, pets, and other domestic animals. Most beverage companies use oil during production. It serves as a major meat source for northern Nigerians. Furthermore, locusts have high feed conversion efficiencies. They convert carbohydrates into body mass and a high quality food or feed.

As said before, they are eaten by men because they are portentous and contain amino acids. This causes consumer fat, an increase in weight, and less expenses since they are not majorly bought in the market. However, the importance of using locusts as food can’ t be overemphasized. They are needed in the agricultural and food industries and should be considered for harvesting mechanically for human consumption and beverage production. While doing this, locusts are found in local communities which are surrounded by a heavy drop of rainfall and a massive gathering of fresh crops.

Also, the weight of a locust can determine the quantity of crops it can consume while standing on a crop. It could be wild or tiny, but that didn’ t undermine its consumption ability, as it is said that body size doesn’ t determine the quantity consumed, rather the quantity tells the stomach size. Therefore, locust swarm attacks are dangerous.

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