See General Murtala Muhammed’s Only Mistake That Got Him Killed

Murtala Mohammed

General Murtala Muhammad was a Nigerian head of state during the Military Regime in the country, who preceded Yakubu Gowan.

General Murtala was born on November 8, 1938, in Kano, Nigeria, into a ruling class religious family.

He was indeed a very smart and active leader during his regime, which lasted for a period from 30th of July 1975 to the 13th of February 1976. Murtala Muhammad had a record of being responsible for leading the northern counter- coup forces to overthrow the Nigeria Republic and was quite active during the Nigeria Civil War.

Murtala was a fearless leader who ruled the country in a great and admirable manner; some even believe that if he were still alive, Nigeria would be much better off than it is now.

The Single Yet Costly Mistake Murtala Muhammad Made

On the 13th of February 1976, Murtala Muhammad, head of state in military during regime , knowing how risky it would be for him to be caught off guard, set out for his office on that faithful day with just one security person instead of the usual heavy guards.

With this great mistake of him, Dimka and his men were able to successfully ambush and kill him with ease and without much waste of time and that brought the end of Murtala.

After Murtala Muhammad’ s death, Dimka’ s coup failed and he and his plotters were killed, thereby allowing Olusegun Obasanjo to become president.

General Murtala Muhammad’ s death touched the hearts of many and he was honored as his face is now found on the 20 Naira note.

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