See How Human Beings Survived 100, 000 Years Ago When Food Became Scarce

Have you ever sat to think or wonder how the world began, how before civilization and before the times of our great grandparents was, how humans lived, how they fed, dressed, or even looked like?

We’ ve indeed heard stories from our grand or even great grandparents about how they lived their life, how the world worked at that time, but what about the time before they themselves were born? Without much waste of time, let’ s get right to it and understand our history and the evolution of humans better.

How It All Began

According to scientists, 300, 000 years ago, the first set of humans that lived at that time were referred to as Homo sapiens. I am sure everyone at some point in their life has come across this word before and some might have even seen this as an insult or as an inappropriate word, but the truth is this was the name humans were called at that time. Let’ s get a better understanding.

Homo Sapiens

The Word Homo Sapiens is a word from Latin that means (Wise man). Homo Sapiens at that time was a certain kind of species.

Homo Sapiens is known to be where modern humans were said to have originated from.

These homo sapiens were said to resemble the Primates species physically and that was the main reason why they were referred to as Homo Sapiens.

Haven heard a little briefing on the word, let’ s go back to where it all began.

The first set of humans who were referred to as Homo Sapiens were said to have been part of a group known as the Hominids. These Hominids were said to be primates who were forced to live on the ground and slowly began adapting and developing their characteristics to match that of humans.

Homo Sapiens whose origin has been proven by different scientists to come from Africa, They were between 70, 000 to 100, 000 years ago known to have migrated or moved from Africa their original origin to different parts of the world like Europe, Asia, and Australia continents.

Though no one was able to ascertain the real reason as to why the migration of these modern humans became practiced by many of them to the extent that they created a bridge that safely guarded them from Africa to North and also South America.

Speculation, however, has it that they were beginning to go low on food supplies which were both animals and crops they constantly fed on during that period.

As they began developing their language and speech, they were able to successfully communicate with each other, addressing their lack of food in Africa and that was what led to them agreeing to move to a different place in search of food and a better living as well.

Their migration to Europe and Asia undoubtedly worked for them as they got what they went there for: bigger meat (big mammals which allegedly went extinct because they were constantly being killed by these modern humans) and better food supply. With this, they decided to expand migrating further to the north and south America.

Having the weather cold and harsh, they sought protection from the weather, which led them to make clothing with animal skin, made a house for themselves to live in, and with time, they began developing their mind and skills, saving up better for food and improving and evolving upon till this very moment.

The early humans lived a primitive life with little knowledge of how to survive, but thanks to evolution, we now live better lives.

Thanks for reading.

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