See How Illuminati, Freemasons And Other Secret Societies Were Created To Help Humanity

I am guessing when you hear the term ” secret society” , the only thing that comes to most people’ s mind is ritual, initiation, evil practice, or secret place for evil people to plot, and that wouldn’ t’ t really be a surprise, as over the years, we have been made to believe that nothing good can come out of a secret society, and today we will be taking a look at how true that is, what a secret society is, and why these eight societies are popular.

What Is A Secret Society?

Dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, Greek and Rome, secret societies refer to an organization or club which requires a large number of memberships, in most cases. In a secret society, their events, activities, and rituals are usually done in secret, away from the eyes of the public as well as their members.

Secret societies, which are similar to fraternities in some ways, are said to have specific symbols, handshakes, dress codes, passwords, languages, and even a ring and a variety of other signs they use to identify themselves.

Eight Secret Societies That Probably Never Existed

The Freemasons Secret Society

The first secret on my list is the Free Masons. Evolving from the middle ages and the guilds, the Freemasons happen to be one of the largest recognized secret societies in the world today, dating as far back as the 17th century and having their first launch in 1717, and by 1902, they made their first appearance in the secret society, which they took a picture.

Freemasons have a doctrine that strictly teaches about obeying the rules and laws of the land, preaching against immorality, and teaching about charity. Though rumors circulated that the Freemasons were founded by the Catholic Church, the Freemasons have repeatedly denied being Christians and have faced strong opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

The Freemasons are a secret society that mostly consists of men, and they have a strong rule against women’ s joining. Even as a man who needed to join, you must be an adult male who believes in the existence of a supreme being. The aim of the Freemasons is to gather men of different religions, tribes, ethnic groups, and countries to be one.

The Order Of The Templar Knights

The creation and formation of this said secret couldn’ t begin after the Muslims were fought by the first crusade and successfully took over Jerusalem from them in 1099. Pilgrimages were constructed by the Christians all over Jerusalem as a sign of appreciation to God.

A few years later, in 1119, the French Knight of Hughes De Payens, now known as the Knight of the Templar, requested the formation of a group to protect these pilgrimages, and in 1120, King Baldwin II of Jerusalem approved it and granted them headquarters on the Mount of Jerusalem.

The Knight of the Templar went by so many names, which included; the poor soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, Orders of Solomon’ s Temple, The Knight of the Templar, and simply Templar. The Knights of the Templar, as they are famously known, are what you might refer to as Soldiers of the Catholic Church are known to wear a white mantle with a large red cross on it.

They were known to fight for the good of the Catholic Church alone, and this made them get preferential treatment from Christendom and also grew their membership to a whooping number of about 20, 000 members. Though most people claim that this said secret group ended in 1312 after it was suppressed by Pope Clement V, rumors have it that they did not end but rather went underground and now operate in private away from the public’ s eyes.

The Skull And Bones Secret Society

Founded in 1832 by co- founders Alphonso Taft and Williams Huntington Russell, the company was named for the third president of the United States, Alphonso Taft.

The Skull and Bones is a secret student society which also goes by other names, ” The Order, Order 322 and The Brotherhood of Death, was founded or formed on the grounds of an award dispute between Brothers in Unity and Calliopean society.

Consisting of undergraduate students from Yale University, the skull and bone secret society is widely recognized by its symbol, which consists of a skull and bones placed beneath the skull in the form of an X. The skull and bones are one popular secret society at the University of Yale and became incorporated with the Russell Trust Association in 1856. This secret society is believed to be active to this day.

The Illuminati Secret Society

Adam Weishaupt, a German philosopher, founded the university on May 1st, 1776. The illuminati over the years have been given to divers groups, but the first group, the real and main illuminati group, is referred to as the Bavarian Illuminati, which was referred to as a group of enlightenment.

The Illuminati were believed to have been created to stop and oppose the abuse of state power, stop absurd superstitions, and have religious influence over the public. This secret society has turned out to be one of the most popular groups in the world today, even though most of their activities are secretly done underground.

Bilderbug Secret Society

The Bilderbug group, also known as the Bilderbug Meeting, dates as far back as the year 1954, with its active members consisting mainly of political leaders, experts, the media, academia, and industry.

The Bilderbug group is mostly referred to as the Bilderbug Meet due to its annual meeting being held by top personnel between North America and Europe with the objective of trying to prevent a third world war.

The Bilderbug has a record of hosting about 150 members for each conference held, though not everything is kept away from the public and, in most cases, topics discussed can be shared but not in detail and without mentioning the names of members who said certain things shared.

The Molly Maguires Secret Society

The Molly Maguries are an Irish secret society or organization known to be majorly active in Liverpool, Ireland, with lots of violent activities between 1861 and 1875 that actually led to the abstract ending of the group.

Though the aim of this secret society was not mentioned, as in 1877, most of its members were killed, imprisoned, and hanged as they were linked to a murder crime. That was what led to the end of this secret society, and even if they were still active, at least one person saw or heard of them again after 1878.

The Patriotic Order, Sons Of America

Founded in Phildaphia in the year 1847 on the 10th of December by Dr. Reynell Coates. The patriotic order of Sons of America is a secret society, also known as Junior Sons of America, consisting of men between the ages of 16 and 21, and is said to have a wide setup of about 600 campuses nationwide with its headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

This secret society was formulated to support and protect the constitution of the United States of America as well as the rights of its citizens, and also to encourage the reservation of the historic landmark for the benefit of all patriots, both present and future.

The Ancient Order of United Workmen was founded on the 27th of October 1868 in Meadville, Pennsylvania, by Jordan John Upchurch.

This secret society is a fraternal organization created after the Civil War with the aim of providing social and financial support to the citizens of America after the Civil War, and they were said to have operated mostly in Canada and America.

In conclusion, not all fraternal or secret societies or organizations are all about rituals and devil worship. Some of these fraternities or secret cults are often created for the betterment and improvement of the religious body, state, or country.

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