See One Of An African President That Was Stripped Naked And Killed In Public

Sargent Kanyo Doe was a Liberian politician who served as the head of state from 1980 to 1990.

He was born on May 6, 1951 in Tuzon, a small island village where his parents came from. As a result of these circumstances, he finished his elementary education at age sixteen and enrolled in baptism junior high school in Zwendru where he studied, before enlisting in the Army Force of Liberia, hoping to gain a scholarship that would help him round up his career as a soldier in Kakata higher school.

He was disappointed when he wasn’ t admitted. He was later sent to the Army Command School, where he was assigned the duty of serving as a militant for ten years, as well as the power to command an assortment of the Garrison and prisoner units.

His Leadership Tenure As The Military Head Of State

He was said to have a specific interest in the freedom of his people. He regarded himself as an enlightened leader whose actions brought relief to many through a call to the Chun Doo- hnwa found in South Korea, where he gained the honor of a doctorate degree in 1982 at the University of Seoul, along with the call proving to have finished his bachelor’ s degree at the University of Liberian in 1989.

He also supported the American civil war held in 1980, a few days after he resumed office that brought about the relationship between Liberia and the Soviet Union. They were valued as the most important personnel and diplomatic friends during the Cold War, along with recognition from the Soviet Union.

In 1984, Doe was elected as the president of the interim national assembly, though he had the result of a rigged election as his officiants were said to have counted the ballot outside the skit check of the polling units.

As the leader of the National Assembly, Doe has a new constitution approved by referendum in 1984, that gave him power to run for the presidential election in 1985 as a politician. He had most of the votes won to himself, but had his opposition, who won in other positions, not be able to accept their seats as well, such as those who won the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The reason given was that the election was rigged to avoid his public declarations that if he should lose the election, he wouldn’ t give power to the opponent and would cause a coup that would lead to violence in the country. His inuguration had a great ceremony with numerous army displacements and dances.

How Doe Commits A Heinous Crime

Immediately resuming office, Doe became a colour of what the citizens hadn’ t expected from him. He became a heartless leader who placed rules and forced his people to abide by them, whether satisfying to them or not.

He demonstrated this after the death of Thomas Quiwonkpia, who had recently run the coup in 1985 with Doe in order to size up his power. Doe announced on the radio and television that anyone found outside by 6: 30pm should be killed and considered a rebel and be executed immediately.

Aside from that, his corrupt government maltreated the indigenous groups both in the north and other parts of Liberia, especially the existing place of Quiwonkpia, who was from the north. Doe postponed the act of violence until peaceful coexistence. This sounds like a wicked leader setting his act of wickedness on those that have refused his leadership and completing their execution if possible.

The Civil War And Capture Of Doe

On December 24, 1989, Charles Taylor Doe, a friend who was from Ivoy, arose to fight for his rights after Doe had locked him up in the Liberia prison on the charge of embezzlement.

He declared a heavy conflict. In revenge for this, in the mid 1990s, when most of Liberia was controlled by the rebel faction, more than 600 citizens were killed during the war.

The war was also carried out by 30 officials who were loyal to Samuel Doe, as a means of putting him down. Those that wss killed were most from the Goi tribe, while others were from the Mano tribe.

And on September 9, 1990, Doe was captured by prince Y. Johnson, the leader of IPNF, who betrayed Doe by inviting him to a meeting with the assurance that he would be safe without his guard, only to be surprised by the Johnson rebels who overwhelmed the entire world and captured Doe, despite the fact that he was with his army, which was also set to be disarmed.

Doe Cature And Execution

After being captured, Doe was taken to Johnson Millitary base where he was treated as nothing and was placed on a great torturer with his fingers and toes cut off.

He was then naked and burned in the Moravian street in a shameful way due to his wickedness and heartless behavior.

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