See The Brave Woman That Started The Aba Women’s Riot, 1929

Aba Women Riot

The Aba women’ s riot, known as either the Women’ s War or the Aba Women’ s Riot, was a riot or a protest consisting of women. from six different ethnic groups (Ibibo, Ijaw, Andoni, Ogoni, Efik, Ijaw, and Igbo). who came together intending to achieve a goal which included- putting an end to the Warrant Chiefs- replacement and handpicked by Nigerians and not the British.

The Aba Women’ s Riot was indeed a period in colonial Nigeria in 1929, seen as a period of chaos and unrest. The protest began spreading like wildfire and a lot of women became active in the protest after women from the Bende District, Umuahia and many other women from the eastern part of Nigeria, traveled to Oloko to protest against the warrant chiefs. who they believed was vehemently opposed to women participating in government activities

During the protest, however, many warrant chiefs were forced to resign, and 16 native courts were reported to have been attacked and destroyed, with an estimated 55 people killed.

The Aba Women’ s Riot was the very first major revolt in history by women in West Africa, consisting of over 10, 000 women. This was a strategy led by rural women to address gender inequality as well as political, economic, and social grievances.

However, the revolt was not in vain; in 1930, women were appointed to positions in the native court, and the colonial government dissolved and abolished the warrant chieftains’ system. African women are seen as the founders and builders of these reforms, which have ever since been seen as a prelude to the emergency of Mass African Nationalism.

According to Wikipedia; After the massive protests in 1930, ” the colonial government abolished the system of warrant chieftains, and appointed women to the Native Court system” . The reform was made upon the outcomes of the African women’ s demand.

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