See The Deadliest Shark Attack Ever Recorded In The History

Deadliest Shark

Yes, the deadliest shark attack ever recorded in the history of the United States of America. Now I know the attack and killing methods of these predators are no surprise to many of you. A lot of novels and movies have been made to shed more light on how these large fish kills.

But I bet you have never heard this story of how killer sharks attacked and killed survivors of a wrecked ship and why this event was recorded as the deadliest shark attack in America’ s history.

How It All Began

It all began with a top- secret mission that required the USS Indianapolis to complete a highly classified voyage assigned to them by the United States Air Force.

The happening of this event was narrated by the survivors of both the shark attack and the shipwreck. He goes by the name Harold Watch.

According to his story, the 93- year old survivor narrated that it all began when they left Tinian and headed out for the United States Philippines on their said voyage with a big box that contained highly classified content that they never knew what it was contained. He further added that to show how important this box was, it had Marines on a 24/7 Watch and even the marines themselves didn’ t know what this big box contained, but little did he know that that was about to be the least of his worries.

The 30th of July 1945 was a day in his life he would never forget in a hurry. At midnight on the very same day, it so happened that Mr. Bray was on his routine and normal midnight watch when they were hit by the torpedoes.

According to him, ” I was on the midnight 4 am watch, ‘ he narrated, ‘ sitting on a ledge of a 40mm gun turret when the first torpedo knocked me down about 10 feet and I lost my shoes. I only had my socks on at that point, ” he added” .

After the first torpedo struck, some of the crewmen on the ship were Abel to jump into the water before the second one struck, destroying the ship and killing a large number of men on it. It was gathered that there were about 1200 crewmen on the ship that sank that night.

The Sinking Of The Ship

After the second torpedo struck their ship, it wrecked the ship in half and killed over 300 men. It Afterwards, it took the warship about 12 to 13 minutes before it finally submerged into the sea completely and that was when the horror began.

As the ship sank into the water, it brought out the oil that engulfed most of the crewmen and eventually killed them. Others died of dehydration and poisoning from seawater they drank after being unable to control their taste for water. Mr. Bray also admitted to having almost given in to the taste and drinking from the ocean, but he was only held back from doing that by an older and experienced sailor who convinced him not to drink sea water, and that was what held him back.

Shark Attack And Rescue

Just when the remaining survivors thought it couldn’ t get worse, was when in fact they were hit with greater trouble. It happened that dehydration and the oil from the ship were soon going to be on the list of the problems they were about to be faced with.

It happened that sharks, yes sharks, not just a single but a dozen (an exact number not given) of killer sharks, immediately cut the scent of blood spilling from the injured survivors in the ocean and from the corpses their warships had sunk.

And within the blink of an eye, the killer sharks were already there at the scene and began with the corpse that was beneath the ocean. Mr. Bray said, as he remained in the ocean hoping that help would come for them within hours, unknowingly to him, that no distress call was sent before the ship was destroyed and no one was looking for them, as the US felt they had gotten to their destination in peace.

Mr. Bray could see dozens of killer sharks swimming beneath their feet and feed on the dead.

He narrated that they had to stay in the ocean for four days, and within these four days, these killer sharks were able to eat 300 corpses and then began eating the injured amongst them one after the other. And this was what made it the deadliest shark attack ever recorded. I mean, sharks are not usually in the habit of feeding so much, but these killer sharks did.

While Mr. Bray waited for his death, all hope was lost and no one came after them. There were now only 316 men out of the 890 that initially survived. On August 2, 2, 945, they were rescued after a US Navy plane spotted them and eventually came to their rescue.

The remaining few received an honorable discharge from the United States of America and since then, up until now, Mr. Bray remains the only survivor of the 30 shipwrecks to still be alive.

Being attacked by killer sharks in open water with no food or water is the most horrible thing that could happen to anyone. You know what they say about the anticipation of death being worse than death itself? However, they are grateful that they were survivors.

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