See The Massive Protests That Caused The Legalization Of Transgenders In Many Countries


Through the Violet movement of those who were massively embarrassed, the government saw a need to legalize transgender and reassignment surgery, but before that, let’ s read the history of transgender people.

Following man’ s fall in the Garden of Eden, the world as a whole has lived in executing abominations and feeding lives with what they claimed to have known or studied in school. However, the atrocities committed by man are as a result of technology and the western civilization that has made man live its original lifestyle and can live with artificial knowledge.

In school today, studies are being thought about things which could affect society as they make it a priority to practice what one might have been taught. In a nutshell, transgender is a process of changing the initial gender s*x of a person through which he or she is born to a different gender, either to satisfy or make gest of what was made of such an individual.

Meanwhile, transgender people have a gender identification that shows their s*x differences. Aside from that, it is demonic and should not be considered among a nation’ s citizens, as it differs from s*xual orientation, where transgender people are classified as ” heteros*xual. “

There are some individuals who have practiced either male or female, lesbian or ases*xual relationships. is said to have been first practiced by the Germans after World War I and II, when the world immidately and possibly after German transs*xualism, the changing of a man to a woman and a woman to a man in 1910 before World War I and II. While carrying on transgender activities, it is expected that all that made a man a man is to be changed or replaced with the female gender.

For women, the p*nis is changed to virg*na, and the breasts are made flat if the woman is. There are also a set of people with immoral practices and it is sometimes difficult to be recognized in the world.

Fully Transgender History

The history of transgender may possibly have come from Christine Jorgensen in 1952, after which the Germans invaded the nation and its residents. Christine Jorgensen became the first person to have undo trans*xual surgery. While doing so, it promotes other aspects of gender assault, such as gayas, which begin with people who are non- binary or third gender in culture around the world and are celebrated in some societies and nations.

There are people who had perfect transgender surgery and made it easier than expected, while others live in pain.

Starting with female to male surgery, which is the type of s*x reassignment surgery popularly known as gender affirmation, can be done with the removal of breasts, botton surgery, and removal of the uterus. However, it is necessary for one to have this when trying to undergo a transgender operation, accepting or receiving testosterone replacement therapy, which are major parts of the process by which such an individual grows into the gender that he or she has grown into.

This comes with its own set of risks and infections for those who have undergone it. That is, such an individual is expected to be often affected by infection, bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, and dissatisfaction with the result. Aside from that, they are often affected by self- s*x satisfaction through constant masturbation and molesting of their gender.

However, it has been recorded that transgender men tend to have a much higher level of organism than women, but when a woman undergoes such surgery, it is said to have a small p*nis, as it is called neop*nis, with higher sensation than normal males who have it in full. It is not necessary to change the s*x organ, rather such an individual’ s appearance and lifestyle could involve the person’ s movement, clothing, and cultural behavior with others. These were also inline with the first man who had undergone such an operation, known as Christine Jorgensen. He is said to have a magnificent beauty and to be known as the most famous transs*xual figure ever recorded in the 20th century. so beautiful and attractive after undergoing surgery.

Here Is The List Of Celebrities Who Had Transgender Surgery

You might not have any idea of who these are.

Caitly Jenner: who was once known as Bruse Jenner, made this on TV after wondering what her viewers could say about her initial s*x order.

Charles Manning: Is formerly Bradley Manning, was an astute and quick- thinking American army officer who quietly resigned to undergo transgender surgery and take the name Chelsea.

Lana Wachowski: She was the first Hollywood director to come out as transgender in 2021 and caused a shock to her brother, who believed her to have had an ideal life despite being a transgender woman.

Thomas: The first man to defeat his wife’ s doubt when he was trans and became the first man to carry a baby or bear a child through the use of insemination in 2007 and later gave birth to triplets.

When Did It Become Legal To Be Transgender?

Behind this is a full transgender movement that has drawn the attention of the general public and the government to the embarrassment and rejection of those who have undergone this transition from male to female.

The governments and individuals saw the need to make it a legal haven so that human rights could be recognized. This was done beginning in the middle of the 1980s after protests by those who were embarrassed by police and armed forces.

Both African and American countries have today made it legal for one to undergo reassignment surgery as well as transgender surgery since such individuals don’ t want to be recognised with such an identity despite being with it.

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