See The Terrible Crisis That Happened Between Gay Community And US Police In 1969

Crisis Between Gay Community And US Police In 1969

The Stonewall Riot was a riot between the gay community and the police department of the United States of America where the police allegedly became violent and harsh. Though a lot of people have asked severally what the cause of the stonewall riot was, as there has been a lot of speculation on how it all started and what triggered the whole event, we, on our end, have been able to put together a detailed story on what caused the riot between these two parties, how long it lasted and what happened during the event.

What Is The Stonewall Riot?

The Stonewall riot, also known as the Stonewall rebellion, was a series of protests and demonstrations held by members of the gay community at that time in light of how they were violently treated by the police.

During the Stonewall riot, gay men and lesbians, as well as neighborhood street people, were said to have fought when the police treated them violently and, afterward, protested the police brutality.

Before going further to get to the detailed story about what transpired between these two parties that caused this crisis, let us understand who the gay community is.

Who Is The Gay Community?

The gay community, popularly and commonly referred to as the LGBT Community, is a group consisting of lesbians, gays, bis*xuals, and transgender people (LGBT).

This group of people are known to be attracted to their same- s*x or attracted to both s*x or even change their s*xuality from a man to a woman or from a woman to a man through a surgical procedure.

The LGBT community over the years has been known to have a common culture, s*xual interest, and social movements as well.

What Exactly Caused The Stonewall Riot?

It all began on the 28th of June 1969, on Saturday, at exactly 1: 30 am, when four police personnel, two men and two women, disguised as civilians, walked into the Inn at Greenwich to survey the place in the hope of catching gays and lesbians. They then notified the rest of their colleagues who were outside on standby to raid the bar.

It was reported that there were about 205 people present in the bar at that time when one officer among the 4 officers made a call to their colleagues outside, notifying them to go on with their raid without tipping the workers and patrons about the raid (which was expected).

Within the twinkle of an eye, the police had already barricaded the doors and windows and then walked into the bar as they announced their presence. With this, the music was turned off at the bar and some people from the bar began making their way to the bathroom to escape through the bathroom window. Unknown to them, all had been barricaded. They were all asked to fall in line and bring out their I. D for identification.

The policewomen were also instructed to take people dressed as women into the bathroom to make sure they were not crossdressers. Likewise, the policemen and any cross- dressers caught were arrested and taken to the station.

After several minutes and hours of trying to identify everyone in the bar, they began moving them to the police truck, and by that time, there was already a crowd of about 300 people watching as the police forced those they found guilty into their truck to be taken to the station.

After filling a police van with people, it got to a specific woman’ s turn (her name withheld) to get into the truck, but she put up a fight and said to the crowd, ” Why not do something? As she said that, the crowd moved and began throwing things at the police personnel. By that time, the crowd had grown to a crowd of 600 and before the police could know what was going on, they had overpowered them, causing the few people they had captured in the car to escape.

After this incident, the LGBT community began their protest and riot for freedom to let them choose whatever s^xuality they want. Within a matter of days, they had already established 3 newspaper companies that wrote mainly about the freedom of the LGBT community.

This riot was the backbone that led to the freedom and legalization of the LGBT community.

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