See The Worst Earthquake Ever Recorded In European History With Over 100, 000 People Dead


Messina and Reggio Calabria of European continent were nearly completely devastated, with 100, 000 people killed. It was the most devastating earthquake in human history. Then, what really caused it, when does it happened, and why it was regarded as the worst European earthquake ever recorded, is what we will find out right away, but first let us define an earthquake.

What Is An Earthquake?

It is one of the most well- known and frequently occurring earthquakes on the planet. An earthquake refers to the sudden and violent shaking of the ground as a result of volcanic action or movements within the earth’ s crust, causing lots of destruction of properties and also loss of lives.

When an earthquake occurs, it is commonly assumed that it is the result of the earth’ s splitting in two or having cracks through which both humans and property can be swallowed. Over the years, there have been cases of earthquake occurrences and the alarming number of deaths that follow suit, as well as the costly and unaccountable list of properties, is one of the sad things about natural disasters.

Brief Knowledge About Europe

Europe, widely and widely recognized as a continent in its own right among the world’ s seven continents, is located primarily in the northern hemisphere and a small portion of the eastern hemisphere.

Europe is also believed to share the Afro- Eurasia continental landmass with two other continents, ” Asia and Africa” . It is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east by Asia.

The watershed of the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, the Greater Caucasus, the Black Sea, and the waterways of the Turkish Straits are usually seen to separate Europe from Asia.

Europe is the second- smallest continent, covering around 10. 18 million km2 (3. 93 million sq mi), or 2% of the Earth’ s surface (6. 8% of land area) (using the seven- continent model). Politically, Europe is divided into around fifty sovereign states, the largest and most populous of which is Russia, which covers 39 percent of the continent and accounts for about 15% of its people. In 2018, Europe has a total population of around 746 million people (almost 10% of the world’ s population).

Warm Atlantic currents influence the European climate significantly, tempering winters and summers across much of the continent, even at latitudes where the temperatures in Asia and North America are harsh. Seasonal changes are more obvious further from the sea than they are closer to the coast.

The Most Powerful Earthquake Ever Recorded In Europe

The most deadly and worst earthquake ever recorded in European history struck Messina in southern Italy and Calabria on the Italian mainland at dawn, killing an estimated 100, 000 people.

It seemed that earthquakes in that part of Europe were not really a constant thing but happened several times. It first started in the year 1693 in southern Sicily, and was the first brutal record that happened, killing an approximated number of over 60, 000 people.

The second and the next were in the year 1783 on the coast of Calabria, where a great earthquake shocked the city, destroying buildings and killing over 50, 000 people on that very day.

Just when Europe was thinking that they would not face another earthquake, they faced an ever greater and more deadly earthquake with a costly and higher number of deaths.

At exactly 5: 00am in the year 1908, when the people of Calabria were still in bed, a deadly earthquake came and hit them without warning, causing the destruction of most houses, which fell on people who were sleeping, thus making it the highest number of deaths ever, so high that the estimated number was not given.

Then came a series of tornados and waves that caused even greater harm to the town of Calabria and the Messina Strait, destroying and washing away whatever was left of what the earthquake had destroyed.

To worsen the whole situation, the large earthquake on the 28th was followed by hundreds of smaller earthquakes over the following days, destroying many of the remaining structures and injuring or killing rescuers.

The devastation was inspected by King Victor Emmanuel III, who arrived aboard the battleship Napoli on December 30.

In Conclusion: The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Europe was one of the most brutal earthquakes that shook the town of China for a really long time, and apparently, it took them a really long time to get over it. Most people still could not believe that their loved ones that they had left at home were dead that day.

They were not coming back that day, and some of their bodies were not found as most were missing. During the earthquake, a lot of people were made poor on that day as all their life’ s earned and hard work was squashed in split seconds and they were forced to start all over again.

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