See The Worst Thing That Happened In World War II You Never Heard Before


Second World War marked the most devastating and most destructive war ever experienced in history. When Germany unleashed atomic bombing across Europe, which extended to other related nations in the Soviet Union, like China, Japan, and the United States, cities were destroyed as well as claiming lives through air raids tracing the dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan, which at the same time destroyed lives and properties in the Holocaust.

However, the second world war affected all nations from all over the world. It made every previous war experience look like history. They were easily forgotten, probably as a result of a few missteps, but nations would live to tell the tale of World War II. There were massive killings of civilians all over the world; the strength of man became useless over an atomic bomb that claimed lives and properties.

Participants lost their economic growth, scientists’ strength, as well as the knowledge of man. Not even the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki could compare to this. WWII left a devastating history behind them.

How World War II Started In Full

After the defeat in World War II, the Germans signed a peace agreement which resulted in losing all territory as they were deprived of their right to defend it and could be destroyed by armies. According to scholars, some would place the cause of World War II as a result of humiliation or starvation.

Meanwhile, the Germans had, out of mercy, invaded Poland from the west on September 1, 1939, by Hitler Adolf. This then served as an eye- opener to every nation in the world, especially Europe, and, as such, followed the war held between France and Britain. With the flag around their neck, the Germans were always waiting for war as they were restricted from the use of military operations, which made them seem weaker and looked like they were waiting for something bigger than Europe or the British to declare war against Germany.

On the 17th of September, the second invasion of Poland from the east led to the total devastation of the Polish community, since Hitler Adolf believed to have a nation with the help of the Soviet nation. Gradually, the Germans invaded other nations, such as Norway, while they occupied Denmark. On June 22, 1941, the two powerful nations, Germany and the Soviet, became enemies to each other when Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union through the use of an atomic bomb held and operated by Russian troops.

In addition to this, Japanese aircraft attacked the major U. S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, where they proved American weakness by claiming the lives of thousands, if not millions, and, as such, declared war against Japan while the United States was faced with German troops.

Things That Are Not Told About The Second World War

Before the invasion of individual wars, France had more technical metallic weapons such as guns and tanks than Germany, but the Germans had equipped themselves for victory through the use of modern mechanized weapons and an air force that superseded the Allies.

So it was with the British, who had earlier invented the use of air and naval power to tag their battles and to gain victory over their enemies. However, the use of air and naval weapons was an eye- opener for the British after the fall of France, while manpower became an operation carried on by the ministry of aircraft production in the war set to be done in the UK.

Aside from listening to a few nations and their strength or capability, it is obvious that the Japanese had obtained the Kamikaze rocket when they decided to partner with British and US technology. A rocket filled with devastating missiles was used at the end of the war against humanity and property.

How World War II Ended

On September 2nd, 1945, World War II elapsed officially in many parts of the world where it broke out. In Europe, it ended with the allies against the Nazis and their collaboration, as well as the end of France. Little was left when the battle ended.

Despite this, the great veteran, Field Marshal Alexander, had a great record during World War II. He was said to have led the battle in World War I, having the strength to invade nations.

However, when it came to World War II, people could easily discuss the date and nature of the battle, yet parties forgot, especially how devastating it could be, destroying an estimated 50 million armies and civilians with the use of atomic weapons.

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