See What Caused The Massive African American Migration To Liberia

See What Caused The Massive African American Migration To Liberia

Essentially, Africa is a large continent in the world as well as a number of ethnic groups and tribes attached to it. It is predominantly occupied by blacks people and as well as white skin colours, like Egypt, Algeria etc.

During the colonial period, most African countries were governed by the British, who dealt extensively with them, including in the area of slavery. Many were sold for money and taken to various parts of the world.

Speaking of black Americans migrating into West Africa is a history that has today become true as we set our eyes on most of the land taken from them and those who have dwelt there even after they were deprived of their resources. Lets take a look at the story of how African Americans migrated to Liberian.

First Black Americans To Migrate To Liberia

The first black Americans to migrate to Liberia were from New York, and they were the first people from the United States to move back to Africa after the prohibition of kidnappings of residents and slavery in the United States around February 6, 1820. It was like a period of freedom for a group of black Americans who had been brought to the United States as slaves.

The U. S. government, at that time, brought out money used to transport them to their various countries, especially to Liberia, as approved by the American colonization society.

However, their abolishment from American into West African wasn’ t the end of their having been enslaved by the American leader. Despite the dismissal of slavery in the United States, most of Americans were still involved in enslaving people and children secretly.

The Declaration Of Liberia As An Independent

Aside from black Americans and other African countries, Liberia, the west African country where the Black Americans migrated, suffered at the hands of the British leader, as it was occupied by a large number of Africans, including the Black Americans, at the time of the civil war’ s preparation.

They were said to be strong and to have contributed to the war that led to their freedom, including the many black Americans who lived in Liberia at the time.

The British have no more strength to say a word, seeing that the United States has pressurized them to grant Liberia independence in 1847. It was well recognized by Abraham Lincoln, who called it the first independent democratic republic in African history.

Yet today, Liberians stand as one of the major African problems on the basis of religion and race.

The Precise Location Of Their Settlement In Liberia

Before you move further, get it in the back of your mind that most people think that it will be very hard for black Americans to have their settlement at the Liberian haven because of their lifestyle and how they have lived in the United States.

Not until the American Colonization Society founded the colony of Liberian, which is in the south of Sierra Leone, around 1821, when they decided to send the black Americans who had resided with them into the Liberian country.

It was said that when the slaves were freed and moved to Liberia, most of them were unable to adjust to their new surroundings; some died of hunger, while others died of malnutrition and other diseases brought with them from their former home.

The effort of the United States towards this was like a promotion to their growth, and, being proper American as it is, it is a nation’ s abolishment.

Despite the migration to Liberia, most of them were from different African countries and didn’ t know Liberian as their main home, but rather a strange home, which wasn’ t their own view, only that they didn’ t have the option.

The Dreadful Life Of British Colonialism In Africa

Britain really dealt with some African residents, mostly in the area of using their strength to create quotas of work, and those who failed to meet up were likely to be killed, as was the case in the Congo during the leadership of Leopold II in his area of monarchy.

Meanwhile, the Europea now stands as a refuge home to the Africans who began to bring in their culture, selling out the belief of the people over what was evil, especially the slaves and the abomination of sacrificing, as well as the creation of Christianity by the missionaries.

That developed the stand of great knowledge of God, even though it was said that most of them were killed during the mission.

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