See What Happened In Nuremberg After World War II

The Nurberg trials, one could call it Nurnberg and spelled Nuremberg. Several trials were held in Nurnberg, in 1943 to 1946 in Germany. Declaring the former Nazi leaders as war criminals by the international Military Tribunal after been indicted and tried. These were they indictment spoked against them as.

1. Crime against peace, which is to aim their violence against the international treaties and agreement.

2. Crimes against humanity, as examinations deportation’ s and genocide

3. War crime, the neglect against the law of war

4. A common plans or conspiracy to commit fulfilling the criminal act listed in the first three counts.

The authority and power to split out the trial by international Military Tribunal stemmed from the London agreement of August 8, 1945, on that date, they were few great and recognized by the people, the representative from the United states, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the provisional government of the French signed an agreement that includes a charter for an international Military tribunal to conduct trials major axis war criminals whose offense had no particular geographic location.

The few nations that rejected the provision later accepted and among them were 19 nations. It became a duty given to the tribunal to punished any one guilty of the commission of war crimes in count one above. And if any organization found violating the law, should be issue a copy of the indictment in order to offer any relevant explanation to charge brought against him. And are expected to be examined, confront the witness by the council.

The tribunal consists of four signatory countries representative selected and a member in addition. The first sessions, under the presidency of Gen. I. T. Nikitchenko, the Soviet member, took place on October 18 1945, in Berlin by then 24 former Nazi leaders were charge with the perpetration of war crimes, including group of victim like Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, and were charged with being criminal in character starting from November 20 1945.

A British member who served as Nurnberg presidency of lord Justice called Geoffrey Lawrence while Baron Trevelin and Oaksey, were those who held the Tribunals session.

In just conclusion of the 216 court session on October in 1, 1946, the verdict on 22 of the original 24 defendant was handed down. Where Robert Ley committed suicide still in prison while his colleagues Gustav, Krupp Von Bohlem und Halbachs were unable to hold the trial reason being that they were both mentally and physical unfit for it.

While three of the defendants were Acquitted who among was; Hjalmar Schacht, Franz Von Papen, and Hans Fritzsche. Four were also sentence to terms of imprisonment ranging from 10 to 20 years they are, Karl Donitz, Baldur Von Schirach, Albert Speer and Konstantin Von Neuranth.

Rudolf Hess, Weather Frunk and Erich Raeder, were sentence to life imprisonment. however, ten of the defendant were sentence to death by hanging in 16 October 1946, those like, Hams Frank, Wilhelm frick, Julius Streicher, Alfred Rosenberg, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Fritz Sauckel, Alfred Jodl, Wilhel Keitel and Arthur Seyss– inquart, while two was left, among the two was Martin Bormann, he was condemned to death in absentia after being tried followed by his colleague Hermani Goring committed suicide before he was executed.

In order to implement this four decision, the tribunal rejected the major defenses offered by the defendants, by rejecting the contention that only a state not individuals will have to found guilty of war Crimes.

They tribunal enchased that it could only be punishing the individuals who committed such crime will only be the reason why the international law placed on the tribunal will be enforce. Secondly, it rejected the argument that trial and adjudication were ex post facto. While in returned the tribunal responded that such acts had been regarded as Criminal prior to World War II.

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