See Why Mexico And American Border Is So Fortified After 1848

The Mexico- United States barrier, also known as the border wall, stands as a barrier to those who might want to immigrate to the United States from Mexico. It is so tall that it protects the state from dangerous people who could want to come in. Aside from that, it is so high that it could be called a wall or fence.

The Structures Of The Border

Prior to the protection of the wall, there was security provided in order to guide and see that the wall was never penetrated by anyone, which was provided by a virtue fence of sensors, cameras, and other surveillance equipment that could give more strength and security as well as be used to dispatch United State Border Patrol agents to suspected migrant crossings.

It has about 649 miles, which is about 1044 km, of barriers in place. Former President Donald Trump built an additional 52 miles of primary barriers, bringing the total length of the national border to 1954 miles.

Historically, the border mounted as a result of the American war and the Mexico that was held from 1846 to 1848, up to the Gadsden purchase. Meanwhile, before that, the first international bridge that was built was the Brownsille and Matamoros International Bridge in 1910.

Furthermore, with the first barriers built by the two states, the first being the American, which was built by the U. S. between 1909 and 1911, while Mexico built theirs in 1918, which was later extended in the 1920s and 1940s, And in the administration of President George W. Bush, on May 11, 2005, he made a comment that stood as law, attached a rider to a supplemental appropriations bill funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was so effective in May 2008, when he stated: ” Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the secretary of Homeland Security shall have the authority to waive all legal requirements such as the secretary, in such secretary’ s sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and road.

The Obama administration shortened the language when he had it in mind to expand the virtual fence beyond the two pilot projects in Arizona. Using Boeing Corporation, it remains so difficult to accomplish that as a result of using that which wasn’ t convenient for it.

He used technical instruments to try to achieve the expansion, while the president announced to the world in May that the wall was nearly complete, with approximately 649 miles (1044km) of the 652 planned miles of barrier constructed.

But Trump, in favor of his position, found it necessary to use the fence as a steward of winning an election. He planned to enlarge and fortify the border wall, claiming to have the wall built and to make sure that the Mexican president built it, but the president stood on his ground not to have it built, and yet the administration furthered the construction by signing Executive Order 13767.

The Dispute Over The Crossing Boarder

The border separating the two states is a great example of how it has not only been through history but is difficult to cross as well. It has about 350 million legal crossings taking place annually. Aside from that, there are about 48 U. S. – Mexico border crossings with 330 ports of entry.

It also required people trying to enter the country to have a thorough search of what was in their bags and bodies as well. The border crossing takes place by road, pedestrian part way, railroad, and ferries from the west to the east.

Despite the difficulties, there are many students from Mexico who attend school in the United States. They are known as transborder students because they frequently cross the border, though some are required to live in the state and must wake up early in the morning to wait for a ride to the United States, where they attend school.

Why Mexicans Cross To U. S

People from Mexico come to the U. S. as a result of the high standard of education and the opportunity to attend school in the higher educational institutions built by the state. Due to a time constraint, a child’ s education ends at the age of 16. Many of them are born in the United States, which grants them the opportunity to be a citizen of the state by birth, an amazing offer by the state.

At this point, when this was at a higher rate, Mexico thought of a way through which they could stop the student, but not until they asked for their official document that comprises of bills, mail, e. t. c. from the student, as this proved that only students are entitled to be United State residents, even though some of them seem to claim it from their extended family in the United States.

There is always a need to protect and record it if anything happens in the state by the residents or anyone else. A school in the United States is like a privilege to them as they are exposed to other areas of their lives and they embrace western education in a great way as well.

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