See Why The Japanese Were Regarded As The Evilest And Most Dangerous Army In WWII


The clear definition of war can only be gotten from the height of a massacre. Before now, the world has lived through different wars, starting from World War I to World War II, where the introduction of a chemical weapon was invented by the counterpart.

World War II entails global participation without the expectation of nuclear weapons, or anything else other than the major technical weapons expected of man. Its participants were the Europeans, Germany, Asia, Japan, China, and the U. S.

During this time, prisoners were dealt with in a deadly way. Their freedom was of little value, nor was their chance of survival, if any. Economic factor and country resource was scarce.

However, people could be called the great and powerful warriors of World War I, yet World War II superseded them all. Having involved nations around the world, the second war made every experience war look like history. They were easily forgotten, probably as a result of a few shortcomings, but by the nations involved in World War II, they would live to tell their story.

There were mass civilian casualties; the strength of man became useless over an atomic bomb that has claimed lives and properties. Participants lost their economic growth. Scientists’ strength was aborted, as was man’ s knowledge of man. Not even the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki could compare to this. WWII placed much devastating history before them. It all starts with the Japanese having a miserable way of destroying lives and causing casualties.

How WWII War Started

After their defeat in World War 1, the Germans signed a peace agreement which resulted in losing all territory as they were deprived of their right to defend it and could be destroyed by armies. According to scholars, some would place the cause of World War II as a result of humiliation or starvation, as Europe and the economy were damaged.

Meanwhile, the Germans, out of mercy, invaded Poland from the west on September 1, 1939, under Hitler Adolf. This then served as an eye- opener to every nation in the world, especially Europe, and as such, followed after the war held between France and Britain.

Germany always has awaited war as they place flag around to initiate their invasion into the various related nations, but they were restricted from using military operations, making them appear weaker and more vulnerable. It wasn’ t until Europe and the British declared war on Germany that they finally gained the upper hand.

Meanwhile, on September 17th, a second invasion of Poland from the east led to the total devastation of the Polish community since Hitler Adolf believed he had a nation along with the help of the Soviet nation.

Gradually, Germany invaded other nations, such as Norway, while they occupied Denmark, and on June 22, 1941, the two power nations, Germany and the Soviet nation, became enemies to each other when Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union through the use of an atomic bomb held and operated by Russian troops.

In response to this, Japanese aircraft attacked the major U. S naval base at Pearl Harbor, where they proved American weakness by claiming the lives of thousands, if not millions, and as such, declared war against Japan while the United States was faced with German troops.

Why Were The Japanese The Evilest And Most Immoral Army Of WWII?

Japanese participation in World War II made it the most terrible war in history. The historical record shows how they became the vampires of the soul. Initially, the use of chemical weapons and bombs was banned by international law, yet the Japanese couldn’ t adhere to it and instead built atrocities around it through the use of chemical weapons by their military and air force since as a result of an air war.

Aside from that, prisoners were heavily tortured by the Japanese soldiers through testing their strength and capacity to join the coup, and when they failed, such individuals lived all day on starvation and hard labor.

They contributed to the massacre of millions of souls, as well as those involved in the battle were the Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Europeans, Americans, and Australians. Along with the death of many allied men as the Japanese got rid of them both inland and in the air, being an air battle, the pilot was likely to be killed easily as the Japanese tried to introduce an intelligent ideal that helped in gaining victory over their enemies. It was a military battle.

Cannibalism: Crime Committed By The Japanese Armies

Cannibalism, the act of eating human flesh, is also marked as a part of the crime committed by the Japanese armies during World War II against the Allies to satisfy their hunger during the war. Most of the reasoning behind the cannibalism act is traceable to the starvation and illness of Japanese armies.

It is a continuous process majorly committed by whole squads under command officers. This involves piercing and cutting of human flesh raging from their legs, hips, buttocks, as well as being fried to their satisfaction. There are numerous records of r*pe committed by the Japanese armies in the course of executing their plans, mainly landed on Nanking women in 1937, as well as their conscripting for s*xual slavery, taken s*x by force as a means of r*pe by the Japanese armies.

They were also involved in the slaughter of Australian Army nurses as a result of rendering medication to the victims. In addition to this, the murder of a famous American pilot, despite being a superpower country yet not having an ideal of this, placed the U. S. in devastation.

Other things that made the Japanese evilest were the bombing of the hospital ship manual in 1942 and its sinking century since they were both affected by the split of chemicals during the war. Above all these was the use of a chemical weapon that caused the massacre of millions.

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