Story Of A Man That Made A Very Bad History In The Bible That Is Still Affecting The World

Though serial killers and people killing each other is not a new or recent thing, have you ever sat to wonder who was the very first killer, the first person who opened the door to the idea of killing a human being might be? Well, we are about to find out not just who the first killer in human history is, who he killed and why he did so.

Who Was The First Killer In Human History?

Well, the simple answer to the question is’ Cain ‘

Born to the very first man and woman in the world, Cain, the son of Adam and Eve. We probably heard stories of this incident in our childhood or probably adult days, but I bet it never occurred to you that Cain was indeed the very first man to kill a human.

According to the Bible, after Adam and Eve had disobeyed God’ s only rule for them and ate from the tree of good and evil after being misled or might I say sweet- talked by the devil into thinking that the fruit was going to give her more knowledge than she already had.

God sent them packing out of the Garden of Eden, which was their only home. Adam and Eve left the Garden and began a family of their own as they were blessed with two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel grew up to be fine strong men dedicated to serving God, well at least Abel did.

Cain And Abel

While Cain was a farmer who had a bountiful harvest, every time he needed to harvest his crops, Abel, on the other hand, was a shepherd who had lost his flocks.

It was more like a tradition, however, that at the end of each season and during thanksgiving, each man was to give back to God a reasonable earning from whatever they did as a sign of appreciation for the good he had done for them. So at the end of the season, Abel with a joyful heart would kill a healthy and well- fed lamb, the very best out of his flock, just to appreciate God’ s goodness and blessings to him and, in a way, ask for more blessings for the next season.

Cain, on the other hand, was said to be selfish and greedy and instead of giving the very best out of a bountiful harvest, he gave crops that weren’ t even close to being good.

Cain Develope Envy Towards His Brother, Abel

With this, God gave Abel more blessings than he ever gave Cain as Abel was more appreciative and thankful than Cain. In no distant time, Cain grew jealous of his brother Abel. Seeing how Cain’ s flocks increased in number every day, Cain could no longer condole his brother and, out of sheer jealousy, he sorted to killing Abel.

Cain one day lured Abel into a secluded place where he thought no one would be able to see him and there he killed his brother and buried him.

God, seeing what had happened, marked him with a certain carving that made anyone who saw him unable to harm him and cursed him to wander the earth alone.

This very incident was the first record of a human being killed ever. So, if ever asked who the first killer is, feel free to say, Cain.

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