Story Of The Secret Ceremonies And Rituals Of Female Freemasons


Before now, women were not permitted to join the Freemason group, nor were they allowed to participate in the secret celebration of the group until rights were shared among them, which tended to them having or associating in the group with a set ritual and celebration. Before that, let’ s look at the history of Freemasonry.

History Of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is an international organization which has as its purpose assisting and rendering help to its members, making life look so pleasant to them.

While the world’ s freemasonry is a teaching and purpose of the secret fraternity purposely made for men in order to be free and have a well- accepted lifestyle, it is often practiced in Britain.

From Fluency, they were known for their charity work, donating money to charity and spreading the word about it. The secret fraternity was founded by Oliver Cromwell in 1745, but there were secrets about them which only a few could know of.

Facts About Male Freemasons

Among the most famous organizations in the world, this is the oldest and longest- lasting organization that started in the middle ages in Europe with the main purpose of making its members’ lives a pleasant life, even though they had stood as a guild of skilled builders. It accommodates religious tolerance, a thirst for knowledge, and sociability.

Greeting style and their believe; While greeting today, many organizations and the military have their own ways of sanitation, which no one can get to know what they have.

Since the organization was never a religious organization, they believed in a supreme God almighty, who they believed ruled with their knowledge.

It was believed that the Catholic church members had to be banned from having anything done with them, which was earlier declared in 1983, and once one of the catholic members was found involving a mason, they would stop associating or participating in all catholic activities.

They were the inspiration for the american first political party; As the organization established the first American political inspiration, it was secretive and powerful, though the inspiration was as a result of a claim of a massacre traceable to the Masonic group, in the position of killing those who could expose their activities.

Moreover, this organization is fully open and established for men, and one could grow to join the group if only he could work on the policies set by the group. These members are mobable and can be seen around the world.

Female Freemasons And Their Facts

However, in female Freemasons, there is a secret celebration and ritual.

While women developed the Freemasons, they had a temple around the country where they carried out their rituals. During celebrations, they are said to dress in white ropes with a worn regalla around their neck that represents their state of power.

Prayer is also made as usual before commencement, and at the same time, it permits religious belief in the almighty God.

Yet that wasn’ t their most practical ambition, rather a stigma for the ritual that involves the bearing of the right arm, left breast, and knee with a noose placed around such an individual during an initiation practice among women in the freemasons’ order.

It didn’ t start with the young rather than the old, just people of age 50 and older who could act fast to have replacements from the young ones as well as from the university and other institutional levels. Meanwhile, the facts behind them are as following:

When it came to the high number of people found in the Freemasons, it was said that women had a much higher rate than men, who had been the developers and stigmatized stage. The rate of women to men was said to be 6000 above that of men.

The use of dirty clothes was also put in place by women during ritual as a sign of respect to what they believed, while members of the same faith in religion were given the opportunity to join the group. Nevertheless, women mounted more pressure than men, which today’ s purpose has been neglected and placed into confusion.

When it comes to the full initiation of a member, it is regarded that the third degree is the final stage of initiation which involves the bearing of the right arm, left breast, and kneeling with a noose around the neck.

They were also set to be known as the most unbeneficial civilians in the group, as many members complained that they did not see the reason for their joining the group.

Freemasonry, as it was said to assist and to give humanity who had a job a hope of a long and enjoyable life, also a chance of being recognized around the world, taking them beyond their expectations.

Source: BBC, The Guardian

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