Terrible: How White Supremacists Killed Thousands Of Blacks And Overthrew Their Government

White Supremacists

Racism is a major problem in the world today. The rate of discrimination against one another because of one’ s skin color, ethnicity, tribe, or even religion over the years has led to the cause of so many deaths. Racism, however, is not an issue today as it has been here with us right from colonial times and up till this very date. It is waxing strong and causing death, but not as much as before.

In light of racism, history has decided to share a tragic event inspired by racism that happened many years ago and was the cause of a great flow of blood during that year. Let’ s get right into it.

Before we get right into the main event that happened, let us first get a better picture of who the people involved in this act were, and the very first set of people are the white supremacists

What Or Who Is A White Supremacist?

The White Supremacists are a group of white people who believe that white people are superior and better than other ethnic groups, so they should dominate them and treat them however they deem fit.

These supremacists are what you might call white power- drunk racists, as they constantly always want to be in charge, especially over people who do not share the same race, ethnicity, and most importantly, skin color as them. They are extremely active members of the colonial group and also spearhead whatever colonial movement is being conducted.

As a political power or body, the White Supremacists are best known for their desire to establish white dominance over others, including blacks in general, Asians, Muslims, multiracial people, and Jews, on political, social, historical, and institutional levels.

The white supremacists believed that to be able to be amongst the chosen tribe, you had to be light- skinned, preferably blond, and have blue eyes or have a certain trait. The supremacist movement dates back to 1989 when white supremacists stormed the town of Wilmington. Killing a large number of blacks for no just reason at all.

It wasn’ t long ago that blacks in the South were finally allowed to live as human beings. In 1965, after the Civil War had come and gone, blacks were liberated and allowed to live freely amongst others, own a house, go to school, buy properties, and walk about the streets without fear of being molested, killed, or even bought.

This law which was passed granting freedom and liberation to blacks certainly did not sit right with these white supremacists, as they felt the privileges given to the Negros (as they were mostly referred to during that time) were not right as those rights were specifically made for whites.

Supremacists Attack On Black People

A few years after, of course, planning their attack, after the state election in the United States of America in the year 1898, the White Supremacists, who were about 2000 men, summoned themselves and matched to a small town in America consisting mostly of middle- class black people called ” Wilmington” and killed over 3000 black people by shooting them, destroying their properties and businesses, one of which was a popular and well- known newspaper at that time, confirmed to have been established after the Civil War in 1865.

The white supremacists, who were also against the whites in power at that time, overthrew them and relinquished their positions to other prominent white supremacists who they felt would do the job better. And because they attacked unannounced and had a great number of men, they were unstoppable.

By the end of the massacre, all businesses owned by blacks were destroyed and burned down. The town of Wilmington was covered with the bodies of middle- class families, ranging from 14 to 3000 people.

Blacks Fled After Attack

After the event of the white supremacists, blacks who survived immediately fled the country, seeking shelter elsewhere, and by the next census, the number of blacks, which was once high in about 2000, went to a low number of 94. Some amendments in the law which once favoured blacks were revoked and taken out of the book.

The period between Wilmington and the white supremacists was indeed a terrible event in history and proves that nothing good can ever come out of racism.

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Source: BCC News

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