Terrible: See How Prisoners Was Killed With No Mercy At A Nazi Concentration Camp

World War II really set a great and notorious precedent for the killing of prisoners that were captured during the run of activities by their catchers or those in charge of their welfare.

Moreover, the killing of prisoners started from individual maltreatment to a group agreement attitude like the Bormann, Elizabeth, and Irman, those in charge of the female prison. One of the most annoying parts was that the women were given fewer hands in prison, meaning that they were those who had the most aspects of punishment to consider.

The German government, which sparked this Nazi group, as well as their members, had a lot in mind for prisoners during the war, especially those from Africa, and no one knows why, why the black and why the killing, from gas chamber killing to gun shooting and sometimes being subjected to various acts of molestation without mercy at all. However, this article will explain how prison in the Nazi camp was executed.

The Event In Full

Prior to the Second World War, when prisoners were sentenced to death by the Nazi leader using different methods, in 1914, the SS introduced two methods of killing prisoners that weren’ t in support of the law but kept in the hands of the judges, meaning that laws were taken into individual hands by the Nazis members themselves, those who taught to themselves as a way to promote their racial policy and the German ability to win World War II.

The first target program was for the weak, ill, and disabled prisoners that had been placed under the description of a doctor who was to be well- treated but were deported to the killing center in Germany.

Among them were an estimated 7000 prisoners that were gradually executed by using the impediment condition.

However, the main target were the Jews, who were set as prisoners and had to wear a color- coded triangle on their jacket to enable the guards to identify each person’ s background since they were mixed with the Soviet prisoners as well as provide them with a different treatment.

The prisoners, such as Communists, socialists, and trade unionists, all wore red triangles on their jackets.

Based on their dressing code and identification, common criminals wear green and the rest of them wear black triangles, a part of the Jehovah Witnesses who wear purple, while homosexuals wear pink as they are differentiated from each other.

How The Second Program Was Arranged

After achieving the first program in 1942, the SS Summer decided to lunch out the second view of their program mainly on the Soviet prisoners of war, but at this point, the Soviet soldiers were sent to the camp in a number of about 40000 in order to protect their citizens or members from being executed by the SS men that murdered about 1000 people while in the camp.

During this incident, gas poison was set and prepared for attack by the Soviet soldiers, but later became a method that the Holocaust used against them in Auschwitz.

Although two weeks before the German invasion of the Soviet prisoners, who are socialist in nature, the high commander of German soldiers issued an order to screen the Soviet prisoners a year 1941, who were to begin the war first with the Soviet commissars who were to be handed over to the mobile killing squad for immediate execution between June 22, 1941 and May 9, 1945, which led to the death of more than a million Soviet prisoners, who died at the hand of the German leader as a result of hunger, disease, and exposure, though some were shot to death like the Jews. It was a funny method of killing and destroying lives as well.

Captured Soviet soldiers worked as forced laborers, and many of these prisoners of war died because they were executed or badly mistreated by the Germans.

In all, over three million died at the hands of the Germans. Involving a large number of Roma inmates from the Auschwitz camp, as well as their men, boys, and children from other camps.

How The Jehovah’ s Witness And Homosexual Prisoners Were Treated

Together with the systematic killing of the Jews and others in the Nazi camp, the Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, and political prisoners were sent to the concentration camp as punishment without being given the same method of punishment as the other Jews and Romans. Many of them died in the concentration camp as a result of hunger, disease, and maltreatment

Alongside with exhaustion, since hunger could contribute to the death of individuals rather than killing them, does it mean that the other group of Jews wasn’ t privileged? No, the reason being that they are those in which the Germans, mostly the Nazi members, have early targets to slay and use different methods as well.

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