The Book Of Enoch Banned From The Bible Reveals A Lot About Humanity That We Never Know About

Book of Enoch in the bible

The Bible is a holy book used by Christians. It is known to contain the spoken word of God, written by different messengers of God and complied to serve as a guide for Christians and also Catholics of today.

The Bible

It is also believed that the Bible is divided into two different categories; the new testament and the old testament, each containing different books, and when summed up, will give an estimate of 66 books for Pentecostals and 72 books for Catholics.

For many years and centuries, Christians have lived with the belief that these were the only books ever created and written by God’ s messengers, but history seems to think differently.

The Banned Book From The Bible And Why?

The Book of Enoch, written by a prophet of the Lord and the only man after Adam said to have allegedly walked with God before he vanished, is the one book that history claims was banned, excluded, and removed from the Bible amongst the many different books of the Bible due to the many secrets of humanity it held.

The untold stories of the people who thought to ban it felt that it would be better kept secret than revealed for the whole world to see.

The Book Of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is said to be made up of five different books, namely: The Watcher, the Astronomical Book, The Dream Vision, The Epistles of Enoch, and the Book of Parables.

These five books are said to have an estimate of 100 chapters each revealing the true story of humanity and what happened, including the story of the supposed patriarch in the book of Genesis.

The book of Enoch is said to contain most of the stories told in the Bible, but each of the stories had a different version from the original one we read in the Bible today.

The book of Enoch is a well- detailed book known to have stories beginning from the book of Genesis dating up to the time of the great flood of Noah.

It also tells the story of the Watchers, who are now referred to as fallen angels.

The Watchers were angels sent to the world to guard humans, but they eventually began lusting after human women and, in no time, had s*xual affairs with them, which led to the birth of the Nephilims, giants born as a result of angels having s*x with humans.

These Nephilim breeds grew bigger and into giants who fed on humans as well as terrorized them.

Out of anger, God caused these angels to be chained to the deepest part of the earth and Enoch is recorded as having been a go- between between God and the Angels.

The reason why they decided to ban and keep all these stories from us remains a mystery, but I hope it is for a good reason.

However, The book of Enoch which is also called Book of Giants offers various faiths, a more complete picture of the beginnings of evil than the Eden story. The Genesis story we read today, as is well known, was greatly altered by ancient Deuteronomist scribes and historians, according to Wikipedia

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