The First And Worst Earthquake In The History

Worst Earthquake In The History

An earthquake is one of the most terrible disasters on earth. However, before we get into the full details, I would like to derive the meaning of earthquake from Wikipedia. It states that ” Earthquakes are mainly caused by movements within the Earth’ s crust and uppermost mantle. They range from events too weak to be detectable except by sensitive instrumentation, to sudden and violent events lasting many minutes, which have caused some of the greatest disasters in human history. Below, earthquakes are listed by period, region or country, year, magnitude, cost, fatalities and number of scientific studies. “

It all started on the 22nd of May 1960 in Chile. The biggest Chilean earthquake ever occurred in Spanish. It was the release of mechanical stress between the subducting Nazza Plate and the South American plate in the Peru Chile Trench. In terms of measurement, it was recorded at 33km (21mi) compared to previous earth quakes in the world.

However, subduction zones are known to produce the greatest earthquakes in the world, a means that allows more stress to build up before the release of energy.

Disasters Incurred During The Earthquake

In every struck earthquake, there is a rounded tsunami that leads to destruction of things, especially life and properties. In China, southern Chile, Hawaii, Japawn, the Philippines, and so on, are highly affected by tsunamis that claim large numbers of lives and properties. Before now, the Chileans had been living their lives on a police boat with Gloria in the silo. Whibblbbbbbble turning the boat on the 22nd, the second and greatest earthquake occurred, and as the sea regressed, Gloria became more afraid and scared of moving further between Cerro Guaigue and Cochinos Island. Other parts of the boat were destroyed by the tsunami that reached a height of up to 10 metres above sea level, while in the coastal town, a number of residents were recorded as dead or missing some days after the tsunami, including Yoselin and Ishmael Basso.

The Consequences Of The Earthquake

After the incident, a thorough investigation was carried out in search of things that were affected and should be amended if possible, but things were said to have been destroyed, which included lands, materials, and lives, with not much effect compared to the magnitude of the earth quake. The reason for this is the proper building of protective anti- earthquake materials set before their occurrence. Aside that, it has been recorded that an estimate of about 40 percent of houses in Valdivia were destroyed, creating hopelessness among residents where it occurred.

Other affected structures were houses built on concrete that have no modern engineering standard construction pattern.

Impact On The Country

The Sea side farm, livestock and people, barns and industrial structures were all destroyed by the tsunami that struck during the Tsunami struck Chile. As such, it led to a proper amendment of all affected materials, apart from live animals which were killed.

The diary industry, assigned to prevent the reaction of an earthquake, was rebuilt alongside its own equipment through state support. However, it resulted in the establishment of an international technology cooperation program in the dairy sector.

Before now, the coastal town of Queule had a well developed economy both in the production of livestock and agriculture. A proper road was built in 1957, but not until an earth quake occurred in 1960, which placed the town in poverty. Further north, an earthquake destroyed numerous houses in the coal- mining town of Lebu.

Human Sacrifice

Culture sometimes can’ t change nature. In Collieufu, located in the Budi Lake area, south of Puerto Saavedra, was recorded as being highly isolated in 1960 during an earthquake and demanded the sacrifice of a 5- year old boy from a neighboring community in order to calm the situation.

The earthquake mostly occurs in many parts of the western world, with few Africa countries, the countries includes; Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Mendoza, Province, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Azores, autonomous region of Portugal, Bulgaria, Canada, Caribbean, Region, Chile, China, Sichuan, Province, Yunnan, Province, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia (country), Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, India, bIndonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Irpinia, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Levant (Israel) and so many others.

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