The Only African President That Humiliated The White Men To Kneel Before Him And Carry Him As A King

The Idi Amin who was the second Uganda president did a lot of atrocities during his time in power as president even to the essence that he oppress the white men in Uganda.

However, Idi Amin came into power after he took over power from the first Uganda president, Milton Obote who was the first Uganda president after over 70 years of British rule on October 9, 1962. Amin emerged into power on 25th January 1971 after forcefully unseated Obote through coup attack that caused Obote to ran for his life to exile.

During the time of Amin as president, everything was so rough in the country as many souls was recklessly wasted whenever he perceived any group or organization goes against his government, both the indigen of the country and the foreigners.

During Amin tenure as president, there was something he did that seems as a revenge towards the white men living in the country before expelling them out from Uganda.

Amin humiliated and made the white men to kneel before him and as well forced them to carrying him in sedan as they did to Africans during slavery. After that, In 1972, he went further to expelled about 50, 000 to 70, 000 Uganda’s Asian which caused the bad collapse of the economy in the country.

Before losing his positions as the Uganda president about 300, 000 civilians was roughly killed during his oppressive governance.

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