The Ugly Carnival: See How Women Suffered The Worst Side Of The WWII

The ugly side of second world war (WWII) started when a french woman had children with a German soldier during World War II which introduced the act of women head shaving as a punishment against the committed abomination. These women were assaulted and publicly exposed in the streets

However, these had been earlier practiced by Nazi Germany, who occupied the northern and western parts of France as a law implemented after the war.

It became a custom that led many women to become victims of circumstances after the war, majorly as a mocking of the victim husband as impotent.

Victims Of The WWII

Meanwhile, it was recorded that the major victims of this assault were young people, including prostitutes. Though being a prostitute was a profession at the time, there was still room for German and Frenchmen to access women and have relationships with them, as well as marry them if the need arise.

This could be as a result of their appearance or mode of accommodation. Apart from being a prostitute, others were class teachers or teenagers who had associated with German soldiers, including the young mothers who openly said they were those whose husbands were in a German prisoner of war camps and had no means of support, while their only support and hope was to associate with German soldiers to gain a license for food and shelter.

Once, a woman was said to have agreed with a German soldier either to survive or to be free from intimidation caused by the soldier. The funniest part was the jealousy that arises from women who haven’ t agreed with them, as they could still be in bondage and search of bread.

Furthermore, the Nazi members use this as a means to satisfy their emotions and to molest the teenagers as well. With that, most live in the dark of who could be next while they are threatened with starvation and hunger.

The International Reaction

The Allied troops were first sympathetic to France’ s suffering, and, at the same time, equipped to withstand battles across the globe. These individuals first tried to get rid of the German soldiers, but not until they were attracted by the outer appearance of the French women. This made the situation difficult and so devastating that the aim of the intervention had been diverted; they were killed and intimidated by the troops. Aside from that, the same was s*xual assault, with the American soldier being thought to have everything bought with money.

After evening drinks, Soldiers could ask if there was a lady they could associate with, using many phrases and slang, as a sign to identify their intention. Either based on the women’ s body structure or physical appearance with the outlook of exercising power over them. At this point, an eyewitness once revealed how the soldiers were filled with s*xual preventive material which could prevent them from being attacked by a s*xually transmitted disease.

It is right since French women are placed to be slaves without proper clarity of body, aside from those that have agreed with German soldiers. They are largely exempted from this.

Concept Of Shaving Woman’ s Head

However, the idea of shaving a woman’ s head wasn’ t just the ugly side, rather the advantage taking from the soldier. Furthermore, many of the women whose heads were shaved came from an important part of France.

The concept of ugly carnival results after the shaving of a victim, while their appearance could be scary or chastening. Soldiers contacted women to make contact with Germans. It is expected that they could have children spread around them and, as well, mark a point of adultery practice among them in exchange for food and freedom of life during World War II.

The History of German Freedom We have heard about the carnival, and we are expected to discuss the freedom of Germany as well. May 8, 1945, is the day of Germany’ s defeat or liberation. Some German prisoners of war had it better in France than in their hometown and country. During World War II, German soldiers were said to have migrated to France, where they were portioned off onto fertile land filled with various plants which would satisfy the German soldiers in the camp as well as the French soldiers.

This led to a cordial relationship in the camp as the camp improved with civil authorities taking over control from the military. This became a new part of the establishment as educational opportunities and new freedoms for prisoners of war were granted. Finally, this act of love resulted in the invasion of French soldiers and prison havens by German soldiers, who overpowered them.

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