Tragic Story Behind The Most Famous First Transgender Woman In The History


Following man’ s fall in the Garden of Eden, the world as a whole has lived in executing abominations and feeding lives with what they claimed to have known or studied in school.

However, the atrocities committed by man are as a result of technology and the western civilization that has made man live its original lifestyle and can live with artificial knowledge. In school today, studies are being thought about things which could affect society as they make it a priority to practice what one might have been taught.

What Is Transgender

In a nutshell, transgender is a process of changing the initial gender s*x of a person through which he or she is born to a different gender, either to satisfy or make gest of what was made of such an individual. Meanwhile, transgender people have a gender identification that shows their s*x differences. Aside from that, it is demonic and should not be considered among a nation’ s citizens, as it differs from s*xual orientation, where transgender people are classified as ” heteros*xual. “

There are some individuals who have practiced either male or female, lesbian or ases*xual relationships which said to have been first practiced by the Germans after World War I and II.

While carrying on transgender activities, it is expected that all that made a man a man is to be changed or replaced with the female gender. For women, the p*nis is changed to virg*na, and the breasts are made flat if the woman is a woman. There are also a set of people with immoral practices that sometimes make it difficult to be recognized in the world.

First Transgender In The World

The history of transgender may possibly have come from Christine Jorgensen in 1952, after which the Germans invaded the nation and its residents. Christine Jorgensen became the first person to have undo transsem*xual surgery. While doing so, it promotes other aspects of gender assault, such as gayas, which begin with people who are non- binary or third gender in culture around the world and are celebrated in some societies and nations

There are people who had perfect transgender surgery and made it easier than expected, while others live in pain.

How Could This Be Carried Out And What Is Expected Of An Individual With This?

Starting with female to male surgery, which is the type of s*x reassignment surgery popularly known as gender affirmation, it can be done with the removal of breasts, bottom surgery, and removal of the uterus.

It is necessary for one to have this when trying to undergo a transgender operation, accepting or receiving testosterone replacement therapy, which are major parts of the process by which such an individual grows into.

This comes with its own set of risks and infections for those who have undergone it. That is, such an individual is expected to be often affected by infection, bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, and dissatisfaction with the result.

Aside from that, they are often affected by self- s*x satisfaction through constant masturbation and molesting of their gender. However, it has been recorded that transgender men tend to have a much higher level of organism than women, but when a woman undergoes such surgery, it is said to have a small p*nis, as it is called neop*nis, with higher sensation than normal males who have it in full. It is not necessary to change the s*x organ, rather such an individual’ s appearance and lifestyle could involve the person’ s movement, clothing, and cultural behavior with others.

History Of First Transgender Woman

Christine Jorgensen was born on May 30, 1926, in the Bronx, New York City. The second child of parents who were both carpenters, George Willian Joegensen and Florence Davis Hanson, Christine became part of the army in World War II, shortly after graduating from school. However, she joined the military service and then, after resigning to join the public sector and further her education, it was at the point of her studies that she learnt or had knowledge of s*x reassignment.

Although she had been with the behavior through which she had herself to be of a male gender to help her fit into her structure, and as a result, obtained permission to undergo s*x reassignment on a series of levels in 1951, she testified how severe it was for her after the operation, which she narrated to a friend in a written note the same year, on October 8, 1951.

In view of this, Christine becomes an actress and night club singer with the idea of engaging labor union statistician John Traub on a failed basis. Christine also died in 1989, a month after her birthday, from bladder and lung carcinoma.

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