Tragic Story Of Queen Of Thailand Who Drawn Into Water Because No One Was Allowed To Touch Her

Sunadan Kumariratale, the queen of Thailand during the monarchy regim of Thailand, was also drawn. Before her death, the leadership part of Thailand was a monarchy system of government, as different people ruled the nation before civilization sprung up.

Meanwhile, in order to know more about Queenn Sunadan Kumariratale, it is expected that we read more scrolls in order to know how she was drawn and the next action that was carried immediately was drawn along with her daughter.

The Monarchy Government Of Thailand

Thailand had a monarchy system of government and people lived under the leadership of royalty, particularly in the royal house of Chakri. This has existed for over 800 years as the world remains in the dark. The founder of the kingdom of Sukhothai was a king named Sri Indraditya.

On the other hand, there were two factors from which the king derived his power as well as his ability to rule his people in accordance with religion.

These were the Vedic-Hindu castes of Kshatriya and Dhammaraja, which were basically Buddha’s teachings, and when a king is crowned, it is obvious that such an individual cherishes his subject just as a father cherishes his children.

In addition, Thailand continues to experience numerous levels of monarchy leadership in a healthy and well-balanced manner.

The Origin Of The Queen Of Thailand: Sunadan Kumariratal

Sunadan Kumariratale was born on November 10, 1860, as the daughter of Siamese King Mongkut, with the title Princess Concert Piam, and was the first wife of her stepbrother, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), as she was given in marriage at age eighteen.

Later, the king began to get himself other wives from among her sisters, since culture demanded it and they seemed not to be bad. They were Queen Savang Vadhana and Saovabha Bhong.

She, along with her sister and the king, led the kingdom until her death at the age of eighteen.

Queen Sunadan Kumariratale’s death
Before the world got its civilization, the primary means of transport for the Thai people was the use of boats. The king also needs it to travel or catch up on an appointment beyond his kingdom.

This was also applicable to Queen Kumariratale and her daughter, Kannabhorn Bejaratana. They had taken their normal royal boat to Bang Pan in the Royal Palace. While on their trip, the royal boat crashed into the upcoming steam marawa royal boat, which led to the death of the queen, along with her daughter.

Furthermore, it was recorded that the incident was witnessed by people who were around but found it difficult to save the queen and her daughter’s lives as they continued to go deeper into the water.

The reason being that it is a law that no one touches the queen’s body even though it is at the queen’s point of death and whoever does so faces the death penalty. After the incident, the king blamed his guard for being serious with the law, even to the point of accusing him of killing his wife and children because of this.

He Pushed Him To Prison

However, Queen Sunadan Kumariratale died at age 19 in 1880. Apart from the queen and daughter, no one else died in the boat.

The funeral aspect of the queen’s burial
The disease cremation was delayed because the king demanded to have his queen and daughter well adored.

Therefore, the sudden incident demanded that the diseased (dead body) be given proper cremation arrangements, starting with the queen being embalmed for 10 months.

The same was done on his daughter, after being given a quicksilver injection to await their cremation. Important materials were collected to make it fun and memorial, including the gathering of precious wood for the funeral pyre. And with the method of disease disposal, the queen and the daughter experienced cremation on a pyre of wood.

Its pyre was recorded to be higher and larger than any other wood ever used in cremation when it was placed on the alter, which began on March 10, 1881.

The aftermath of the Queen’s funeral
The cremation of the queen and her daughter was highly honored, and the funeral was attended by different people, including the king’s friends and upper class.

The delay of the cremation also contributed to the slow aspect of the king in deciding their farewell. The king lighted the funeral pyre at around 6 pm on March 15 of the same year, using a horn to sound the amazing noise capable of waking the sleepers and scaring them as well, but this was done in accordance with tradition.

All through the night, the pyre burned while people stood to mourn, as was the custom in the kingdom. The event concluded with the invitees marching into the grand palace. And after that, her fellow queens were repositioned, with the second becoming the first and the third the second, but the idea of having Sunadan Kumariratale as his first wife remained the same in his mind.

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