[VIDEO] See What Happened After Martin Luther King Jr’s Death

Martin Luther King Jr's Death

After the news of the assassination of the famous Black American civil rights leader and clergyman ‘ Martin Luther’ at exactly 6: 01 p. m. on April 4, 1968 reached the ears of his followers and supporters throughout the cities of Washington and Baltimore, many people began mourning their leader’ s death, which led to public gatherings.

While some people, singing and mourning, were filled with grief, sadness, and anger, most people, in the process of mourning, became violent and allegedly out of control.

In light of the violence, many of the people who rioted began looting shops and burning them down as well. A shop owner, Ali Virginia, who also owns a restaurant in Washington, confirmed that his shop had been looted.

Cities like Los Angeles, Trenton, and Chicago have, since the day of the death of MLK, been experiencing civil disturbances and violence.

The riots and chaos worsened over time with an estimated 160 riots breaking out across the country. The United States Army, on the orders of President Lyndon B Johnson not to use too much force, began mobilizing itself after seeing how Detroit had been turned into a warzone in just a few days.

Within the blink of an eye, cities and states have records of cracking down due to excessive violence and riots. After much was said and done, a curfew was established in Cincinnati and over 2000 guardsmen were moved to flood the streets of the affected cities.

Troops were also sent to Pittsburgh and Detroit, but this time, they ignored the advice. President Lyon’ s troops were said to have used tear gas and bayonets to keep the protesters at bay.

More troops were sent to different cities to help dissolve the violence, but not all cities were lucky to have their violence subdued. In some cases, troops were asked to return to base and ignore the issue, while cities like Los Angeles had their protesters and the people rioting, looting and burning properties were begged to stop the war and not turn to violence.

MLK was buried after much was said and done; please see below for a few photos from his burial.

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