[VIDEO] Why Are Dead Bodies Buried Facing The East

Dead bodies

It has been said that the east is where everything began. The concept of burying dead bodies facing the true east position springs up from Christian traditional beliefs as a result of positioning a coffin or shroud- covered body in the grave with the head facing the face and the feet likewise doing the same to the whole body.

Using the west position is never an option instead a north position. Using the north, the body could be laid aside, with the head facing north and the feet facing east; however, not all traditions or religions follow this position.

Tom Kush is the man who offers biblical reasons for why the body or head should face east. According to him, in Christianity, the star (of the Jewish astronomers from Iraq Babylonian) comes from the east, using Matthew 24: 27, he highlights this, because, as the lighting comes from the East and the flash is from the west, so also will the coming of the son of man be. This is a Christian belief that those buried facing east will witness Christ’ s second coming.

The grave is aligned with the true east whenever the dead person is buried facing the west- east. The reason for this is that it cannot be determined as a result.

Even though the magnetic compass was used when the first settlers established Jamestown in 1607, the graves in Virginia do not face the true east because the east was determined by the position of the east on the eastern horizon at sunrise at the time of the burial ground’ s establishment, it appears difficult to align with the east when facing in positions other than the true east. The perception of the east, not the compass, determines the direction.

After a great survey, the eastern position was also discovered, and as they were occupied by the frontier settlers, the grave site became inevitable, and they established their family grave yard or cemetery at the family farm with a survey that became strong in the rural south, particularly in the Appalachians and the Cumberland mountains.

Then comes the church cemetery. When both the family farm and the church graveyard grew in strength, they were surveyed on a regular basis. The determination of the true East had not been considered at the time. Because they did not have enough resources to run the survey, not even the

Compass was used to find the true location. Basically, the true east was determined and accepted through the sunrise direction, and that changed every day of the year.

To summarize, we must believe that the true east is determined by human opinion rather than science, and we must abandon the oldest method of burial, which was done without surveying both the present, known as the east position.

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