What People Don’t Know About The Stolen Brain Of A Popular Scientist

Scientists are always curious and interested to know about the extraordinary people mostly after their death.

Being intelligent is one of the most prestigious gift from God which men can be use to create things or to change the narratives of the entire universe.

There are many intelligent people on earth, but only few are Genius.

Genius is an extraordinary people who have gone beyond being intelligent.

Genius People are very few on earth. Their way of reasoning is very exceptional to compare with the average human being. Some researchers had discovered that some genius people don’t literally last too long on earth.

The genius people do unimaginable things that no average person could ever think of doing or seems impossible to achieve.

Albert Einstein is a typically example of genius. He made so much changes with different believes about the universe.

He gave a total different views about how we view the universe.

What made Einstein so exceptional was the way of his reasoning differently from the already existing knowledge of science. He never believed in most of the things he tought school, because don’t agree with most of the written knowledge. He thinks that those knowledge are outdated or not complete.

Albert Einstein was scientifically proven as supper genius after his articles he wrote, especially his fourth article which explained the theory of relativity. The article explained beyond human thought.

However, before the death of Albert Einstein in 1955, he asked not to allow any scientist use any part of his body for experiment. But his demand wasn’ t granted after Thomas Harvey Who was invited to examine his body, stole his brain for experiment.

After 40 years, his brain was returned back to scientists to carryout experiment.

Many things was discovered about Albert Einstein’s brain which was above other average human. They found that Einstein’s brain had 17% more neurons more than the average human beign.

It was also discovered that his brain power was above average human being.

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