What Was Hygiene Like During The Black Plague

Black Plague

It was just like yesterday when the Coronavirus broke out throughout the whole world, killing a lot of people and making everyone improve their hygiene where we had to constantly sanitize our hands, wear a facemask and maintain a five- foot distance from the person next to us.

One would think that these were the same preventive measures Europeans at that time were asked to follow to prevent the further spread of the virus or the black plaque, but this wasn’ t the case at all. Europeans at that time were asked to follow a different hygiene measure entirely.

Let’ s take a look at the measures they were asked to follow, but before then, let us take a look at what the plague was like:

The Black Plaque

The Black Plague, or the Black Death, was a bubonic pandemic that broke out in Afro- Eurasia between 1346 and 1353. The Black Plague was just like the Corona Virus, very popular, and was also considered to be the deadliest pandemic to have ever occurred in the world’ s history, killing over 200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, as well as Asia, the Caucasus, and Europe.

It was recorded that the pandemic was able to spread and kill a lot of people due to the poor hygiene they practiced, which helped in making the black plaque spread like wildfire.

Symptoms Of The Black Plague

The symptoms of the black plague were quite visible and were known to cause pain and discomfort to its victims. The symptoms included- swollen lymph nodes which were recorded to be as large as a chicken’ s egg in the armpit, the neck, or in the groin.

– fever

– gangrene of the toes, fingers, lips, and nose

– Chillies and headaches

– Fatigue and muscle pains

– shortness of breath.

These were the symptoms at that time that would show if a person had the black plague virus.

Preventive Measures People Took At That Time To Prevent The Virus

The black death period was a time in Eurasia when a lot of people were confused and sorted out different ways to stop the spread of the virus as well as protect themselves from getting infected. Though the main and best way to prevent the virus would be to remain neat and maintain a clean environment, other preventive measures include;

– Wearing a Birdlike Full Mask:

Just as people wear masks during any pandemic outbreak to help stop the spread, people during the black plague also wear masks, but their masks look a lot different from the usual masks we all know and use now.

The mask they used was a full mask that looked like a bird’ s face. So whenever they needed to go out or interact with people, they would put on the mask.

– Bathing With Vinegar And Urine

Even before the pandemic outbreak, vinegar had always been a masterpiece used for medical purposes in hospitals. So when the outbreak began, it was first believed that bathing in vinegar would be effective in preventing people from contacting the virus. After a while, it was believed that urine was also effective and helpful in preventing

the virus, so a lot of people bathed with both vinegar and urine.

– Drinking The Pus From The Plague Buboes

After doctors exhausted all the ideas they had for making a cure for the black death virus, they recommended that drinking the pus which came out of the lanced buboes would treat the virus and help stop its spread.

While others claimed all one needed was to cut the buboes open and let the virus leave.

Rituals Are Practiced By Christians

When the spread of the virus became uncontrollable, the Christians claimed that the Jews were after them, and that was because they poisoned their wells and caused the spread of the pandemic and millions of deaths. In light of that, Jews were caught and burned as a ritual to help stop the virus in Germany.

A Pandemic is one very horrible thing that could happen to the world and, till this very day, the Black Plague or the Black Death remains the most deadliest and horrible pandemic to ever affect the world

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