Where Turkey Was Worshiped As A God In The Past

It won’ t come as a surprise that the Turkeys we eat and sometimes keep as pets were once seen as gods that had being worshipped.

I mean, we have all probably heard of instances where snakes, elephants, monkeys, and even cows are worshipped as gods, but I guess Turkey has never crossed your mind.

Well, they were once gods to some and we are going to be looking at why they were seen as gods and who their worshippers were.

The large, beautiful birds that we now all keep as pets or eat were highly valued in Turkey at the time. The Mayas held Turkey in very high regard in 300BC, and they were said to be honored and worshipped because the Mayas believed the gods used Turkey as their vessel.

It comes as no surprise to me that the Turkish bird appears throughout Maya archaeology and iconography. Turkeys were said to be rare and cared for specifically to play in ritual or religious rites around the year 300BC.

Mainly because Turkeys were believed by the Maya to be gifted and created with unexplained powers, and were said to be able to cause great harm to humans when in the dream state. They were also portrayed as godlike figures and this made every Maya ruler the word Turkey his nickname.

As I previously stated, Turkey was held in such high regard that only the wealthy could own it. They believed in Turkey’ s power and proficiency, so much so that Turkeys were sacrificed to set the stage for a fertile new year, with the majority of the sacrifices and hypotheses aimed at obtaining a message from these Turkeys, who were seen to have a message from God.

So when you sit down to stuff your face with Turkey, remember that they were once worshipped and regarded as gods with exceptional power.

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