Why Biafra Lost Civil War To Nigeria Despite Their Deadly Weapons

Rememberance of the Nigeria civil war that lasted for 30 months in the back 1967 to 1970 always brought many memories about the Biafran people.

Sometimes, It’ s somehow very difficult to believe on how the Biafrans (old Eastern region) managed to hold war with the entire nation for complete 3 years of non stop. It sometimes sound like a ferry tales to the young people, but it’ s reality as every scare of the war are still everywhere in the country. Even the aftermath of the war is still existing.

Some Nigerians are even regreting the position they took during the country’s civil war due to the current state of Nigeria.

However, the Biafrans, during the war showed how formidable and technical they are during the civil war.

The Biafrans which was not well prepared to face the civil war, locally built their weapons out of tin air to challenge the Nigeria military force, after the war was declared.

Nigeria government never believed that Biafra could’ve stood the hit of the country military force for years.

After many months of fighting to conquer Biafra. The Nigeria government noticed that the Biafrans was not ready to surrender to Nigeria and not easy to conquer as well. They went on a thorough research on how to conquer the Biafrans by every possible means, since the nation can not afford to lose against the Biafrans.

The war which could have lasted more than three years came too short as Nigeria hit the worst target on Biafrans by blocking food inflow to them.

Hunger effect killed millions of Biafrans as there weapons couldn’t save the formidable Biafrans anylonger.

Hunger is kind of a mental, physical disaster that can quickly terminate human being in a mean time before profering any possible solution. That was how Nigeria defeated Biafra.

The below are the weapon Biafra was locally invented by themselves at the short period of time during the civil war.

With the above outlined knowledge, there’ s no possible way the Biafrans or Nigerians will ever go for another war again unprepared as the both sides have known the bad implications of war. The country will never allow such calamity to repeat again as it was affected the entire country’s economy and properties very bad.

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