Why Igbos Always Add “Chi” In Most Of Their Names

The Igbo people which dwells in the South Eastern part of Nigeria believed in divinity of God.

The Igbo hierarchy of God includes, “Chukwu” who’s the greatest of all, while “Ala” (mother land) follows before Chi and so many other deities like Ikenga, Amadioha et al .

You would noticed that Igbo names always have ” Chi” or ” Chukwu” in most of their name prefix, suffix or in the middle, Example; Chukwu– Emaka, Chi– nenye, Ugo- Chukwu, So- Chi– ma, Somto-Chukwu, Chi– Kamso, Kamsiyo- Chukwu, Chi– nedu, Chim– diebube, Chim– amanda etc. . .

However, Chi and Chukwu are very different from each other.

Chukwu means ” Great Chi” or “Great Spirit” . While Chi, is a fractal representation of Chukwu that resides in every being. It’s a spirit that leaves in every individual person. That’s the most reason many Igbos mostly add Chi to their names.

“Chi” is regarded as the most important divinity of God, because it’s what guide every individuals.

Chi as Igbos believed is a personal God. It is a spirit that direct and guide every individuals on how to reason and take decision in life.

In most cases, Chi is also regarded as “Obi” which correct English translation is either Soul or Mind.

The Igbos believes that everything that comes out of human Mind or Soul is a direction from his or her Chi.

From the above descriptions, you can now understand the reason why the Igbo mostly attached Chi to their names. And the names have a very powerful meaning, e. g Onyinyechi which means “God’s gift or Gift from God”, Chimmaobim; means God knows my mind, Chimamanda ” My God would not fall” etc.

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