Why New London Is Still America’s Worst School Disaster

The new London school was the worst explosion occurred among the American fire outbreaks in March 18 1837, through an opening from natural gas to the school environment located in Rusk county, a community surrendered with students, described as London. More than 295+ students and teachers lost their lives during the occurrence in 2021.

In the history of Texas, after the 1900 Galveston hurricane and the 1947 Texas City disaster, this has been the worst disaster so far.

In the series, the school was one of the richest in new London; built on sloping ground and with a lot of open air space around it.

The building was against the normal architecture plans, when the management planned to mount 72 gas heaters throughout the building. But it was cancelled and then replaced with the planning of a natural gas contract and the installation of a tap into the parade.

Gasoline companies residue gas to save money. All these while wiped from plans since it wasn’ t supported by the oil companies and had no benefit to the income from natural gas production.

Due to the nature of natural gas that is orderliness, colorless, it becomes difficult to be detected by the school management and students when it gradually starts linking out. Without control, it renders the school ablaze.

Therefore, it affects the community’ s economic and educational areas.

Just at 3: 17 pm, an instructor of the school manual training Lemmie R. Butler was said to have on the electric sander, which was believed to be the reason for the gas explosion by a spark that attracted the gas air mixture.

It was on Thursday, students were permitted to participate in P. T. A meeting was held with their parents and Henderson interscholastic meeting. More than 500 students and 40 teachers died on the spot.

The meeting was held in the gymnasium, just a separate structure from the building.

However, there was a great rate of explosions that threw down the concrete part of the building down the ground, destroying more than 1950 Chevrolet parked 200 away from the space.

The first alarm rang from parents who were holding a P. T A meeting, drawing others’ attention to the rescue of their world.

Lonnie Barber, the school driver, was busy convening students to their various homes while his four children remained in the school environment.

Unfortunately enough, he returned to pick up his four children, only to have noted that his son Arden was dead while others survived without serious injuries.

More buses help in the convening of students, including ambulances.

As for the final year students, they gathered in the gymnasium room with their teacher to complete their section, estimated to be 30 surviving seniors after ten days of the breakout.

Shortly after, it was rebuilt in 1939 with its original name as London school. Until 1965, the school was renamed West Rust high school, including the mascot that was changed to Raiders. This was made as an agreement made by the independent Gasoline school District and the London independent district. More than 400 non- fatal people were recorded.

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