Why Soldier That killed Osama Bin Laden Was Sacked

Ten years on, after the successful killing of the world most deadliest terrorist, Osama Bin Laden by the US military, there was kind of a relief and joyful jubilation all over the world to have killed such a notorious human killer.

Osama Bin Laden had caused so many attacks round the world during his reign as the leader of Al Qaeda. He had led so many attacks mostly towards the American, not forgetting his most popular attack on 9/11 that destroyed twin towers in America and caused so much pain and agony with many deaths of innocent were recorded.

Due to his inhuman conscience towards humanity, he was declared wanted all over the world as the enemy terrorist. Every countries all the world were planning the easy way to shortly end his life before causing more terro to the society.

However, It took the world so long to get him killed during the Obama administration as the American president.

Before Osama got killed, the former US President, Obama mapped out a strategic planned and organized a special team known as Seal team six, which was special team under US Navy force. The six people that formed the Seal team six vowed and agreed to remain secret after killing Osama Bin Laden. They agreed amongst themselves never to take credit aftet the killing, no matter who reach the best shot.

After a successful mission to have killed Osama in Abotabad which located at Pakistan on the 2nd May 2011.

One of the soldier, O’ Neill who was among the Seal team six that specifically hit the final shot that terminated Bin Laden’s life, broke the rule of secrecy to forever remain silence during an interview which got him fired from the team for breaking their secret code after 6 years working together with team members.

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