Wicked Soul: See How A Man Killed His Wife And Bombed Entire School

Wicked Soul: See How A Man Killed His Wife And Bombed Entire School

The Bombing was a violent cause by Andrew Kehoe on May 18 1927 in Bath township, Michigan in the United State of America. An attack that killed school children, adults and more than 47 people injured.

One can say that Kehoe deliberately carried on the attack with an explosion as revenge for his lost election and increase in taxes. Moreover, he was the school board treasure who debited his time to the financial aspect of the school.

How Did He Do It?

After publicly losing an election for a township clerk held on 5 April 1926, despite his effort in the board school, Kehoe had many weaknesses in the office and person; he was also informed of the increase placed forcefully upon him while replacing his mortgage, which could lead till May 1927. This made him angry that he had to revenge by purchasing an explosive weapon over the community and the school at large.

First, he was known for the killing of his wife, Nillieprice Kehoe. Additional He set up the explosion on his farmland that burned till the consolidation of the bath school.

On 18 May 1927, Kehoe with a hidden dynamite inside his shrapnel driven into the school yard filled the explosive weapon in his truck when the school session was still on.

The truck exploded rapidly over the school that killed schoolchildren, including Kehoe. Life and properties were destroyed. About 230kg of an unexploded material like dynamite and pyrotol was found in the wing of the school.

The same was set to explode in the north wing at the same time; his intention was to destroy and wipe out the entire school.

The Aftermath

After the incident, some of the casualties were treated under volunteer action taken by the American Red Cross center in charge of drugstore and medication. Apart from that, they were still available till 11: 30 pm that night, answering and making calls, receiving bodies of dead ones and injured, also preparing for the next day.

People from far away countries render help and care to the families of the victims and casualties.

Vehicles and passerby that heard about it, all stopped to carry out the dead ones to the grave as Kehoe’ s body was buried by his sisters in an unrecognized grave in the paupers section of Mount reset Cemetery in St. John, Michigan while price Kehoe was beautify, buried in a well recognized Cemetery by her family.

Beside the action was carried out as a page for vengeance from Kehoe, yet people began to admire his farmland days after his death.

Aside from the assistance rendered by the American Red Cross, a group of individuals known as Coroners decided to investigate the nature of Kehoe and what could be of his attitude. This was carried on and later revealed how he had told his friends a parable of killing a horse in place of a human knowing what his next agenda could be. Some said he was a hot- tempered man and could destroy with burning.

Other information was given by his friend Sidney J. Howell, who testified about how Kehoe had told him to leave the premise of his farm for the school. Again, his movement with the truck to the school was testified by three linemen who had seen him passing the school with the truck.

Much was said about his actions. What about those who struggled to survive before the truck blew up? Other results from the investigation testify that he murdered Emory Huyck on the morning of May 18. And among the casualties was Beatrice Gibbs, who died after ongoing hip surgery. She made the dead a total of 45 bodies.

Was The School Rebuilt?

Donators were a team to rebuild the school through the assistance of Governor Green, both from the state, local government and people around the country all donated based on their abilities. Then after the rebuilding of the school it was approved by the school board on September 15. A cheque worth $75, 000 was donated by Michigan’ s one of the US senators.

Before the completion of the new building, school resumption took place on September 5 1927 in the community hall, including the township hall and two other reserved buildings.

In conclusion, several explosion materials were found while trying to rebuild the school along with proper investigation on Kehoe farm to ensure there is no other Sulfosicated material that may explode in the future. The school is today known as James Couzen Agricultural School following its dedication on 18 August 1928.

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