Wole Soyinka Wasn’t The Only Person That Started Cultism In Nigeria, See Other 6 Persons

Wole Soyinka Wasn't The Only Person That Started Cultism

Nigerians at large face much dealing and trouble when it has to do with cultism, among other things.

The history behind cultism began with seven friends at the University of Ibadan in 1952. Among them were Prof. Muyiwa Awe, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Ralph Opera, Olumuyiwa Awe, Ikphere Aig- Imonkuede, Pius Olegbe, Nathaniel Oyelola, and Ifagbale Amater. These are the men who formed the first cult.

However, the formation of secret cults is not a new development in Africa; it has existed before now and in other parts of the country, especially in Africa.

There are secret cults that have existed and are widely practiced in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other parts of the world. As such, they have a common way of practicing known as secrecy.

They are so impressed with pursuing dangerous weapons and other harmful materials which could destroy humanity and distract them from their studies while in school.

The Majority Of That Mostly Partake In Secret Cults

It has been believed that the majority of those who partake in secret cults are elite children and mostly politicians. They normally have sponsors in government circles and among top politicians. Besides that, the activities and functions done during the cult are sponsored by fraudulent parents. They are made to cause violence and trouble in school and, as such, no responsible individual will want to join a cult while schooling.

Some Popular Cult Groups In Most African Universities

First, The Eiye Confraternity which mostly practiced in Nnamdi Azikwe hall of the University of Ibadan in 1965, which today started as a simple friendship among friends of a unique mind set, but generated or gave birth to different cults after their graduation in 1972. The bitter part of it is the massacres and violent cults problems in schools and society likewise. All the cults that sprung up involves in shielding of blood or the use of Juju, axes, guns and bottles.

Again, popular ” Black Beret” was formed by the University of Nigerian, while Vikings, the University of Port Harcourt, Mafia, Black Axe, Jezebel, and seven stars were formed at different other universities. Under this very cult, higher activities such as toasting, deception, psychological manipulation, brainwashing, luring, inducement, threat, and weakness exploitation are used to draw members into the cult.

It could be done by drinking the blood of members and other acts, such as rounding up a set of fires and taking oats to abide and stick to the law given to a new member. The scheduled time for regular meetings, where matters are discussed, as well as drafting a means to strike where necessary.

Activities Of The Cult

Toasting: They participate in the search for a new member by toasting and getting involved in social activities which can enhance their existence as cultists.

Tutorial/indoctrination: Once a member is chosen, there are various orientations that will be passed in highlight of their nature and operation. The done and are not discussed, laws and credibility are exposed, and once a member is introduced, the possibility of denouncing the cult is zero.

Drilling Or Physical Cumming: Just as in the military world, each cult has its own ways of training its members. It could either be in police or military ways in order to be fit for war and challenges. Here the use of weapons is introduced and ways to use them.

Initiation: During initiation, many activities are carried on and are done once a year, mostly at the beginning of every academy session.

How To Identify Cultists And Their Operational Tactics

As signs and symbols are important in differentiating things and groups, so also the cult. Here, each cult has its own unique color. Members always wear clothes or caps to reflect the color symbols.

Like the Eiye confraternity, associated with the use of blue beret/clothes, the Black Axe is known for the use of yellow, while the Pyrate confraternity is associated with the use of red beret/regalia. Besides that, they have some coded language used to pass information among themselves.


Cultism in Nigerians, most especially The National Association Of Seadogs, mostly known as the Pyrates Confraternity, is a confraternity organization in Nigeria which is a university- based started with good intentions to support human rights and social justice in Nigeria in 1952 by the ” Magnificent Seven” . It was created to control the threat from rich men to children in school and intimidation.

But it was later called High Jack by the rich men children and turned into something else that is currently terrorizing the entire society with many other recently created groups.

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