Women In World War II Were Spies, And They Never Saw It Coming


Women are a special species. They are creations made by God, and history’ s involvement of women can’ t be overemphasized. Before we talk about spies, women played a vital role but were treated with ignorance. The outmost importance of women was introduced after the fight for women’ s rights. Gender equality has a home here. Before we talk about spies, women were not aware of the role of international women.

When International Women’ s Day Began

International women began with protests over equal rights with the male gender. It was noticed that the rights of women were negligent, such as the right to public office, education, and civilization. Not until they were globally rid of them, though. Women still face the same challenges today, but not as before.

Every 8th of March globally is set to be an international Women’ s Day celebration in respect to protests made by women in New York City in respect of their cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements so far. Aside from that, it plays a role in the women’ s rights movement in spite of gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women.

In New York City, activist Theresa Malkiel marked the first women’ s day celebration on February 28, 1909, but that does not mark the day of celebration.

International Women’ s Day is observed on a variety of occasions around the world.

It serves as a public holiday in several nations, like the U. S, Europe, and a few other countries, while fewer African countries celebrate it without a break. Still, in some countries today, the purpose of manifesting is still in process.

March 19, 1911, marked the first day of celebrating International Women’ s Day with millions of women in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland. Austrian Hungary recorded over 200 women protesting in the ring street with banners honoring the martyrs of the poris commune.

Even till date, women’ s day initial purpose is being implemented in Europe with women protesting against employment s*x discrimination, demanding the right to vote and holding public offices.

How International Women’ s Day Is Celebrated In Some Parts Of The World

Unlike in the United States, International Women’ s Day is observed on the last Saturday of February; Russia observed it for the first time on that date in 1913. In Germany, it is an international day aimed at giving a chance for a woman to vote. Elsewhere, they were given the opportunity to vote in 1918.

International Women’ s Day was established in the United Nations first in 1975, then in 1977. It was properly organized and properly conducted with various activities that were to be deliberated upon in accordance with its history, becoming an official holiday around the world. When observing this, women are allowed to speak or deliberate on their public opinion depending on the matter at hand or whether they feel offended as well by the nation.

Is International Women’ s Day Put Into Consideration Today?

When looking at gender segregation globally, one could say that the word ” women” nowadays has no relevant prove or answer to their demand. Gender segregation is still practiced in various countries, especially in terms of political aspirations and employment purposes, yet women’ s rights are sometimes neglected by the government.

These days are not even regarded in some countries, especially African countries. With a platform built in honor of women’ s days, activities and countries that have an interest in picking up the pieces of international women’ s days are in view. There is still work to be done.

The battle against women’ s segregation has not been won, nor is their right given. Africans, especially Nigerians, believe that a woman ends up in the kitchen, where her importance is known within the family and not in her own opinion on the ongoing program or problem across the world. It is obvious that women were treated horribly by the military during World War II, ranging from s*xual molestation to alliances with German soldiers who made them look like aborted images and treated them as such.

The majority of these prisoners are females, and they are sold out as slaves to other nations, as well as given an act of disgrace. The carnival of women isn’ t exempted from this as women weren’ t given the opportunity to express their minds. However, during World War II, women had spies, which weren’ t expected from German soldiers or Nazi members.

Women Spies

Virginia Hall, the most famous female spy against Nazi members, was raised in Baltimore, Maryland by a wealthy family who never limited her dreams. Her most exciting times were during games, such as athletic ones. She was sharp and funny, the type of person who could fulfill her means but was known to be focused on her dream. She was known as the ” lumpy lady” by Nazi members, especially one Nazi who had sworn to take hold of her.

However, Hall had an accident which led to amputation of her legs below the knee. She was fluent in French, German, and Italian, along with the Russian language. Due to her amputee leg, Hall was rejected by the Foreign Service, and then after she became a special operations executive with Vera Atkins, a British spymaster, the two spied against the Nazis.

She formed a relationship through which she could monitor the German army and troop activities in France. However, her mission was to set Europe ablaze, including the surrounded Nazi force, although she lacked some technical and sophisticated weapons to fight the Nazi members.

Using a formatted means of collecting information, she was able to disguise herself as a 60- year old woman before her D- day invasion into Europe. She organized her team through which she was able to sabotage missions against the German army. She became a notorious woman among the Germans for being a coning lady as well as for her intelligence.

After gathering her evidence, Hall and her team were able to destroy hundreds of Nazi armies, including the destruction of their bridge in Europe. Finally, despite having her leg amputated, she is remembered fondly during WWII.By Chinedu Onyeka

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