Women’s Protest That Changed History

Women protest

There are many records of protest movements led by women in the world’ s history that were effective, but this particular movement is seen as a backbreaker and also a turning point for women’ s liberation and freedom.

Now, before 1970, which was the year of the protest and even during the period of the protest, women were what you might refer to as restricted or neglected, so to say. Women were not permitted to enjoy certain privileges or freedoms that men were granted.

Men were seen as superior to women at the time, and as a result, women were paid less and men were paid more after the job was completed by both genders.

Women were also denied access to higher education; in fact, Harvard University did not admit women to its schools until 1977.

Women were denied the right to serve on a jury in some states. But it didn’ t just end there. The discrimination was so bad that, at that time, as women, the only job opportunities they were given were: secretarial jobs, nursing, teaching, motherhood and nothing more.

Women were limited to the number of hours they could work in 43 states and they were only allowed to carry things that didn’ t weigh more than 25 pounds. In other states, women were not allowed to obtain or own a credit card, own property without a husband, or even write a will.

But when they could no longer take it any longer, the women started their own protest, called ” The Women’ s Strike for Equality” , consisting of over 60, 000 women. This strike occurred on August 26, 1970, in New York, United States of America.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) sponsored this protest, which was spearheaded by Betty Friedan.

This rally however had 3 stated primary goals

– Free abortion on demand

– Free child care and

– Equal opportunity in the workforce.

And other secondary goals, such as the right for women to participate in politics, for women to be allowed to vote, and for social equality in relationships.

Women were said to have strewn signs and written in the streets.

This feminist demonstration was, however, a great success as it helped to free women and give them a voice and make them heard as well.

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