Wonderkid: The Story Of A Great Striker Who Hated Football


Life sometimes seems so amazing, especially when it has to do with celebrities who have once been involved in an unsuccessful talent, especially when maximum effort has been applied.

Meanwhile, the history behind football shouldn’ t have made a footballer hate what he had ever done, not at any cost or situation.

Football, as we all know, has been a long- existing game that all started with what we called ” passing of hand” before the use of legs by today’ s superstars and talented stars, which looks more interesting than ever before.

Today, football has migrated from the premier league clubs with millions of fans support across the globe, most especially in Africa.

Football As A Major Concentration

There is no doubt that football is today a major concentration as most rich companies in the world invest their wealth to sponsor clubs to make massive profit at the end. Football is one of the world’ s most generating sources of revenue, especially in a nation where it is regarded most.

Players makes huge amount of money while playing the game. Aside from football, other games have long engaged people, such as basketball, volleyball, and swimming etc which help in building and improving man’ s standard of living.

Footballers, however, are recorded as having the largest share of wealth in the nation. Most are among the world’ s richest players has strong zeal for the game, but here comes a former striker who has retired with a hatred for the game.

The Wonder Boy Who Hated Football

Dani Osvaldo, once a football striker, concluded that he hated football while he moved to be called a rock star or address himself as such in September 2016, as an open confession after undergoing a discipline issue throughout his career as a footballer.

Along with his disdain for football, the 30- year- old footballer first expresses his disdain for football with the challenge he faced against Jose Fonte, which was caused by an incorrect setting during training.

Meanwhile, Dani had contributed to the young man’ s developing black eye as he was sent to his hometown after causing the unclear mark from Jose and two weeks’ suspension regarding his actions.

Dani Osvaldo Rejected An Offer Given To Him

Yes, Dani hates football based on his concept. He has a record of a rap sheet that includes head- butting Jose Fonte, punching Erik Lamella, and smoking in the changing rooms during the game. Although he turned down 1. 25 million dollars to become a rock star player, he appears to have a better reputation in his new chosen career as a chord- striker than in continuing his playing career.

The same Osvaldo ended his initial plans to go to the 2014 World Cup when he made a deep mockery of Roma caretaker boss Aurelio Andreazzoli as an incompetent coach with a claim to have taken part in a Porto football match, but when he failed, he pleaded with Boca to take him back.

As a punishment, he was caught several times smoking a sneaky fag in the charging room where he was supposed to escape the bin but was finally caught by his nemesis when he was caught by the legendary Argentinean club smoking in the changing room during a Copa Libertadores quarter- final clash, and his football career became much more devastating and frightening to his club at this point.

To round up the shock, he has achieved much while playing or because of his career as a footballer. Osvaldo, as the case may be, has played for 11 clubs in 12 years, as well as representing some of the biggest and most recognized teams in Europe after stints at Roma. It could be believed that his career failure started with the first encounter he had with Jose Fonte and his cigarette lifestyle that led to his abnormality, even though he was a professional football player, noted in the history of football.

Aside from him, most football players have become smokers or addicts during their service or career, and the majority have ended up with the most affected smoking habits and life destruction around their kidneys, even if they tend to pretend or easily get injured on the field. Unlike Osvaldo, whose case might have been seen as intentional over Jose Fonte’ s situation and restructuring of sight.

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