Worst Day History Will Never Forget: See The Bloody History Of The Pacific War

Pacific War

Though the world isn’ t so peaceful and a bed of roses as we still have news of bandits and terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, kidnappings, killings, and other disturbing crimes, we are still quite lucky not to have witnessed the disturbing and tragic wars and battles that were said to have claimed the lives of many people and citizens who were born at that time. The Pacific battle was so bad that it had to be labeled as a bloody war.

What is the bloody pacific war?

What caused the bloody Pacific War?

Where was it fought?

That is probably the million- dollar question going through your mind, and that is what I will be addressing, but first. . .

What Is War?

The first war ever fought in human history dates back to about 14, 000 years ago. The war that usually occurs between countries, states, paramilitaries, societies, and even governments refers to a brutal and deadly conflict among these groups listed above. Wars are known to cause lots of destruction, violence, deaths, r*pes, aggression, and other spoils of war.

During the war, it is said that men were more active and participated more during the war than women, and it is also believed that it was wrong to kill women and children during the war, but these days, I guess that no longer applies.

What Is The Bloody Pacific War?

7th December 1941, is a day history will never forget, as this day was what gave birth to the Pacific War. Known to have been fought in four different and large regions which included Oceania, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean, the Pacific War, sometimes referred to as the Asian Pacific War, was in fact the theatre of World War II.

To this day, the Asian Pacific War holds the distinction of being the only war fought in the largest part of the world, spanning a vast area of land from the Southeast Asian Theater to the Southwest Pacific Theater to the Pacific Ocean Theatre, killing lots of soldiers and civilians too.

What Began The Bloody Pacific War?

The Bloody Pacific War came into effect on the 7th of July 1937 and fully kicked off and became recognized globally on the 8th of December 1941. The bloody Pacific War, which lasted for approximately three years and eight months and three weeks, claimed the lives of many troops and soldiers, ranging in the hundreds of thousands. It’ s was a war between China, Japan, Britain, America, and even the Soviet Union. Though it majorly concerned the Republic of China and the Japan Empire directly, these other countries intervened, standing firmly behind China.

For several years, Manchuria had been subject to the Japanese government’ s supreme and absolute rule, with no way of rebelling or fighting back. Seeing how well Japan took over, controlled, and managed Manchuria, they felt it would be possible and easy to target Great China next. At least that’ s what they thought. As I earlier stated, the whole Pacific War began in 1973 with the Marco Polo Bridge incident, where the National Revolutionary Army of China fought strongly against the Imperial Japanese Army, who were trying to take over China, and that was their first attempt.

Seeing how much force the Empire of Japan had and the tendency they had to take over the Republic of China, the Nationalist party, which initially had a great beef with China, decided to put every issue they had at that point aside and join forces to fight Japan. The Soviet Union came forward afterward to assist and support the Republic of China by supplying their troops with a large number of materials they could use.

After three months of fighting Japan, and with China deploying over 300, 000 soldiers to fight the Imperial Japanese Army in Shanghai, the Chinese were defeated by the Japanese, and by December 1937, the Japanese Empire had taken over Shanghai and Nanjing, while massacring many Chinese who had settled in both cities.

From May 1983 to October 1983, the Japanese empire was still waxing strong against China, even though they lost their battle against the Nationalist Forces in Taierzhuang.

By the end of November 1983, the Japanese had taken full control over Xizhou and Wühan, which made them the countries that took over the most regions during the Pacific war.

The Japanese also tried to penetrate the Soviet Union in 1939 but were defeated and put down. The United States of America was totally against Japan and condemned them for their actions. The Japanese empire attacked America’ s, the Philippine’ s, Hawaii’ s, Wake Island’ s, and India’ s colonies, and as if that was not enough, they further invaded Thailand, attacking Singapore’ s, Hong Kong’ s, and Mälaya’ s British colonies.

I haven’ t seen how they lost. The Japanese Empire decided to finally surrender, which caused them to lose most of the rights and privileges they once enjoyed.

By the end of the Pacific War, there was an estimate of about 6 million deaths and about 7 million casualties when drawn from all the countries involved.

Seeing how many people lost their lives during this and how bloody it was, gave it the name ” Bloody Pacific War” .

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