Worst Protest In The History That Forced Government To Apologize

As previously stated, major protests have undergone police attacks and have kept many in a blind era, assuming Nigerians were to be taken as a whole. Where most young people and university students are killed, molest, and even deprived of their rights, the rights they deserved and preserved for themselves.

Never the less, we are to discuss New Zealand in connection to its neighboring land in connection to the Auckland protest that involved many armed forces, especially the police.

The Event In Full Detail

The Auckland protest started as a home parade in New Zealand, which was led by some members of the Royal New Zealand Artillery, who used land rovers to handle the weapons and gunners used during the event.

The protesters reached a point where they were clothed in red cloth and broke through the crowd, attempting to stop the event after the police had made hold of some harmful men who they taught were most dangerous to the community.

As this was going on, Major John Master was accused of behaving in a partial manner in favour of the military armies where he was described as an ordinary man by leading him up to the Queen St. Besides being accused, he was held at Ramson and when he was acquitted of his service men, he had to endure the war.

Symbols Of Activists

Prior to the event and to the red paint representative, they used such symbolism to symbolize the blood shed in Vietnam. While this was on, there was a severe argument between the people that this was a civil war. Protesters stayed and demanded that the country follow it up with war, as it had been an independent path in foreign policy associated with the United State policy.

However, the killing involvement brought about Bill Godfrey, who said he is 75 years old and described that the protesters were moving themselves in ox blood and had signs saying ” murderers and child killers, ” which had to be endured in order to ascertain peace.

Furthermore, they were told before the beginning of the parade that if anyone got off the vehicle they would be court martialled, which meant they had to sit and watch the abuse coming and at the same time take the abuse.

This was a very dramatic time for all the activities with the protesters during the event. Many protesters cross the line when they are involved in physical attacks on troops, including one that serves as an unforgivable incident as they try to jump into the ambulance carrying a wounded soldier.

This wasn’ t really a joking matter during the protest or parade. The Auckland protest wasn’ t just an act alone but involved civilians. Even Bill Godfrey himself was wounded during the protest.

Protest And Futile

believe that the war was corrupt and futile.

While this was going on, Vietnam was trying to assist the oppressed. The protesters believed that this was a corrupt war, so they tagged it as an unjustified war as well.

Which was said by former labour party president Sir BOb Harvey, ” We strongly believed that the war in Vietnam was corrupt and never to be done in the history of New Zealand. Though Harvey was not involved in the 1973 homecoming protest, it was reported that he managed his own advertising agency, which recalled some violent protests during the event.

But he took part in the jumping on Sunday, which made the student protesters angry and he had to welcome US president Spiros Agnew in 1970 when things went to waste with protesters aggressively waiting in front of the Auckland Intercontinental Hotel awaiting his visit in a violent manner.

That made major security around there cease doing unpleasant things by looking at the reaction and actions of the protesters as well as the police.

The protesters were hitting people, beating and dealing with many of the armed men, even to the point of these very few people, to demonstrate how often they had been bleeding. ” Our heads were bleeding, and blood was draining down our faces, ” they said, referring to the numerous injuries they received from protesters during this action.

The involving people are never said to be free and in line with the air force. This should clearly show that more than 4000 protesters were killed during the parade in Auckland in 1973, as most of these protesters were fully willing to die fighting for their freedom.

Government Apology The New York Times

Zealand Government, on its part, did all they could to see that the veterans were well endured by passing an apology for their actions. Ceal apologized to the veterans for the injuries they sustained during the incident, most notably at Agent Orange, where they were killed for no reason and in countless ways. ” was a lot of concern about their health, and the exposure to Agent Orange, and what seemed to be a higher rate than normal in consequences for their children, ” said by a clerk to the staff about how important it was to apologize to the veterans for sacrificing their time and life as well.

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