WWII: How Hitler Ended Like A Coward After Hiding For 800 Days In His Bunker

The Germans really demonstrated a lot of attitude during their existence. Their atrocities were said not to be excited along with their mode of operation as well. However, we have come to bring to your door steps the Hitler who descended into his bunker.

The History

Starting with the Fuhrerbunker, which was an air raid shelter located near the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, it was divided into two phases around 1936 and 1944 and was used by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Aside from that, most Hitlers sought refuge in it beginning on January 16, 1945, particularly the Hitler who had married Eva Braun and had lived with her in the Bunker.

However, it became the center of the Nâzi regime until the last week of World War II in Europe. Just as higher authorities build a particular place for residents, the bunker was constructed in favor of Hitler and the armies as well, before the emergence of the Soviet Union as well.

The construction was really made to remain permanent rather than temporary, which was the major reason it had to be made of the air raid as well.

It was constructed with various facilities attached to it for the ease of Hitler, but it was said that Hitler did much of the decoration of their rooms with furniture and other facilities around the period of February 1945.

Another was the setting of the Hitler wife chamber, which was on the left side of the room with both private rooms and other facilities like the generator, ventilation rooms, and the switch telephone, as well as being self- contained for the family.

World War II

During World War II, he was said to have been moving with his dog around the garden, which was called Blondi. On April 16, the Red Army Battle started in Berlin, which made them move around the city as well.

They were those that made much of the war successful, and for Hitler, he was awarded the price of an iron cross when he made his trip on the 20th of April, his 56th birthday. And at that point, he received the very first bomber from Berlin that evening, which gave him command of the Steiner union to take over the northern Soviet.

It also went further with the order given to the German army to attack the south- east of Berlin. He was well prepared to receive a positive result from his general until he was told that his generals didn’ t carry on the operation.

It was the 22nd of April, when he was in an evening conference, and from there he announced to the public that the battle had been lost, making it look like a room of failure to his people, unable to carry on their order. Aside from that, he decided to look at himself in the room in order to avoid shame.

But he decided to appoint an order commander in place of that on the 23rd of the same month, General of the Artillery Helmuth Weidling, commander of the LVI Panzer Corps, as the commander of the Berlin Defence Area, even though the replacement of the Lieutenant failed to carry on the requested area of target.

All this put so much pressure on Hitler that he found out that the commander and general had already failed him.

On April 28th, he committed treason along with his commander, Heinrich Himmler, whom he heard of taking a foreign ally against a foreign country, which resulted in the death of many court martials for desortion, and finally he was arrested by Hitler.

Hitler Marriage

In terms of marriage, Hitler married Eva Braun on the evening of April 29th, the same year she committed suicide.

He had a small civil ceremony and a little celebration as well. From there, he decided to take his secretary to a different room to include most of his witnesses, with whom he wanted to witness his will and other desires documented before he could go to bed.

Witnesses were Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Goebbels, and Bormann, who witnessed and signed the documents at approximately 04: 00.

The Death Of Hitler And His Wife

After receiving a message from his commander that the whole war was to last for two days but had been delayed even with the delay in the preparation of the ammunition over the Soviet Union and the north as well.

Hitler shot himself at the bunker that very afternoon while his wife joined him, who was newly married to him. Their bodies were burned to ashes in the garden of the bunker, as well as passing the news around the Germans at exactly 03: 15, mostly to Donitz, who was later appointed the new German president as well.

The death of Hitler brought about the deaths of other German forces and their arrest, which brought about the deaths of Goebbels and his family, which he started by shooting his wife and killing his children in the room.

The death of Hitler brought about the clearing of all officers who supported his government. Though after his death, based on what was written as his will, his appointed leader remained, Donitz, who was made the head of the German regime and the Nâzi government aside from the Soviet Union, likewise the authority displayed around it.

Meanwhile, his bunker was later destroyed after his death, leaving him with no heirs, children, or property.

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