Yuri Gagarin: Sad Story Of How The First Man That Went To Space Died

Yuri Gagarin in space

Going to space these days is nothing new to the world as it is a normal thing today. People even go to school and study to become astronauts just so they can one day travel to outer space. But ever sat to wonder who opened the door for others to begin traveling in space? Who was the first person to ever set foot there if it was a man or a woman? How did they or her or she get there and if they or he or she ever made it back alive in one piece?

Well, not to worry as we will be giving you a biography of who the very first person to set foot in outer space was and how he went there.

Who Was The First Person To Travel To Space?

To answer this question, the very first person to travel into outer space was Yuri Gagarin. Let’ s look at who he was.

Yuri Gagarin

Born in Klushino, a village in Russia, on the 9th of March 1934, into the family of Russian parents Alexey Ivanovich Gagarin (a Carpenter) and Anna Timofeyevna Gagarin (a Diary farmer), Yuri was a Russian Cosmonaut and also a pilot, and, as I earlier stated, the very first man to travel into outer space.

This very act made him a well- known celebrity at that time, known and appreciated worldwide by tons of people within and outside Russia.

He was, however, awarded numerous titles and medals, including his nation’ s highest honor, the Hero of the Russian country.

Yuri Gagarin’ s Family And Achievement

Before he sprang up into becoming all he was, before he became a well- known international celebrity and the very first man to ever set foot in outer space, let’ s look at what he once dreamt of becoming, who he was married to, if he had kids of his own, and when he died.

It was gathered that the great and famous Gagarin, before his international fame, during his younger age, was once a foundryman at a steel plant.

He later joined the Soviet Air force, before joining the space program in 1951.

After much struggle, hard work, and training, in 1957, on the 5th of November, Gagarin was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Soviet Air Forces with an estimated air flight time of 166 hours and 47 minutes.

Later that same year, he met and married his beautiful wife, Valentina Goryacheva, and together they had two beautiful daughters.

Tragic Death Of Yuri Gagarin

No doubt, things were going well for Gagarin and he was ready to live his life to the fullest, but not until his life was cut short on the 27th of March 1968, when his MiG- 15UTI crashed near the town of Kirzhach and allegedly burned him and one other pilot to death at age 34.

His body was, however, cremated as there wasn’ t much left after the accident.

Though he is dead now, his great legacy and bravery remain in the history of the world.

Before his sudden death occurred, Krushchev’ s government had earlier awarded him the Order of Lenin, and also named him a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Gagarin’ s death was a painful blow to the United States, which had scheduled its first space flight for May, 1961

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